Captain Marvel Has Caught Our Attention

It’s about time: a Marvel Movie dedicated to a strong female role model! As a mother of a tween girl, we do NOT believe that a “man is the plan”. Sadly, that is a lot of Disney classic films and Disney knows it! They made fun of that fact in the latest Wreck it Ralph movie – saying that “Does […]

15 Fun Ways to Promote Healthy Teeth in Kids

I once heard a parent say “I don’t care if he brushes his teeth, they are just going to fall out and be replaced any way.” Those baby teeth are important, they are place holders for the adult teeth that are bound to come in. It’s also important to make sure they are taking care of their mouth because gingivitis […]

Making Your Children’s Lunches Special

Let’s face it, our kids are back to work for 180 days. They are “working” full time and get a short break during their day for lunch. It is a time for you to remind them how much they are loved and that you are thinking of them as they sync back into a routine. Taking a few extra minutes […]

How To Fix Poor Dental Habits In 8-10 Year Old Children

Here is something fun I learned at Miss Sarah’s last dental checkup: Did you realize that many 8-10 year old children have gingivitis? Many think that this is a dental issue only in adults, but unfortunately this is not true. Many children are not taking adequate care of their teeth and the result is poor dental care leading to gingivitis. […]

Kids Indoor Activities for Winter

Most people have a love-hate relationship with the season of Winter, I am definitely one of those people! I personally LOVE the holidays and just the Winter season in general. It gives me so much joy and happiness and it’s just my favorite time of the year, but I must admit that I am not a big fan of the […]

5 Ways Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

5 Ways Kids Can Earn Money This Summer Summer is a great time for kids to not only have a great time but learn important life lessons. One of these lessons is how to earn and save money. While some children may be old enough to hold traditional jobs younger children also can participate and earn pocket money of their […]