McGregor Kilt Cocktail Will Bring Out the Irish in You

How much more Irish can you get with a Jameson and Bailey’s Drink? This McGregor Kilt Cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate taht special St Patrick’s Day or when you just want to revel in a bit of Irish Culture. While my family is the Frasiers of Scottish heritage, the McGregors are a close kin. The McGregor Kilt is […]

Bailey’s Brownie Bites with Buttercream Frosting

I don’t know what it is about Bailey’s Irish Cream but it akes for a reach and delish treat when added to any baked good. I don’t really get a coffee flavor from it like some people swear by, but do appreciate the chocolate notes to it. That is why Bailey’s Irish Cream is the secret ingredient to make this […]

An Irish Classic: Our Bangers and Mash

Outside of the British Isles, these English Breakfast Sausages aren’t known very much for anything other than the title Bangers. Adding the Irish mashed potatoes and you have the traditional plate , the Irish Classic: Bangers and Mash. Why do we serve it with peas? When Andy and I hit London in January of 1998, we really hit the food […]

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

My family be Irish. I may have married into the Norwegian culture and learned to make things like lefse, but the Emerald Isles is where my mother’s family hails from. I have been eating this Traditional Irish Soda Bread since I was a wee gal. I have fond memories of standing next to my mum, in the kitchen, and working […]

Slow Cooker Hearty Guinness French Onion Soup

I have always loved the rich, multi-layered flavors in the broth of a good French Onion soup.  With beautifully caramelized onions swimming in broth that has beading of taste blasting across the top? Float a few croutons and top with some cheese, only to lightly broil it for texture and additional flavor? Marvelous idea! This Hearty Guinness French Onion Soup […]

Irish Shepherd’s Pie Takes Me Back to Childhood

I just love comfort food! Any meal that makes me think about sitting around the table, as a kid, with my family is a gem to keep in my recipe file. That is what this Irish Shepherd’s Pie does, taking me right back to childhood! The traditional Shepherd, or Cottage Pie, is basically a meat pie with a mashed potato […]