How to Save Money Grocery Shopping

In order to save money grocery shopping, it is important to know the tricks that grocery stores use to get customers to buy more than they had planned on. Many families are on a tight budget, and one-way consumers stick to a budget is to save money grocery shopping. In order to spend less money on food bills and keep […]

20 Great Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

Nothing beats side income. That little “something” you make on the side could just be the deciding factor in whether you could put leather seats on your new car or you could only afford to get your loved one $250 headphones. In 2022, making this little “something on the side” is as easy as having a smartphone, data connection and […]

Shop for Local Produce and Save Big

Where do you shop for your produce?  If you don’t think twice before buying produce, you just might be able to learn how to shop for local produce save big with these tricks. Shopping local for your produce is a great way to save money and cut down your overall budget!  Shopping local for your produce though, can get tricky. […]

Dorm Room Snacks That Don’t Require Refrigeration

Whether you’re studying hard, going to class, or heading out to catch the bus downtown, hunger can hit ya. You’re not ready for a full on meal and need something tasty to hold you over. Without having a fridge right there in you dorm, your options on what snacks you can keep around may seem limited. If you need ideas […]

Awesome Thrift Store Finds For Craft Projects

Awesome Thrift Store Finds For Craft Projects Craft supplies can be so pricey! This is where your fugal thinking comes into play. Go craft supply shopping at thrift stores. If you’ve spent even just 20 minutes on Pinterest, you’ll see that there are literally thousands of tutorials on how to revamp and reuse anything you find secondhand. Who doesn’t want […]

Why Using the Envelope System Makes Sense

Do you have trouble controlling the amount of money spent on variable expenses, such as groceries and entertainment? For many people, the reason it’s easy to overspend on these expenses is the use of debit and credit cards. For some reason, when we use debit cards we don’t really consider the amount of money being spent. When we use cash, […]