15 Fun Ways to Promote Healthy Teeth in Kids

15 Fun Ways to Promote Healthy Teeth in Kids

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I once heard a parent say “I don’t care if he brushes his teeth, they are just going to fall out and be replaced any way.”

15 Fun Ways to Promote Healthy Teeth in Kids

Those baby teeth are important, they are place holders for the adult teeth that are bound to come in. It’s also important to make sure they are taking care of their mouth because gingivitis is horribly common in young kids. That can lead to a bunch of health issues later in their adult life.

So, February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Here are 15 Fun Ways to Promote Healthy Teeth in Kids:

1. Teach Children to Floss Teeth with Play Dough!
2. The Fun & Easy Way to Teach Kids to Brush Teeth Effectively
3. The First Loose Tooth and Tips, Traditions, and Crafts
4. Tooth Fairy Tradition to Improve Oral Hygiene
5. How to Get Kids’ Teeth White with LISTERINE
6. Healthy Teeth Kids Activity
7. Free Tooth Brushing Printable
8. 5 Tips For Fuss-Free, Healthy Teeth in Kids
9. Dinosaur Scrubbing
10. Exploring Brushing our Teeth and the Tooth Fairy
11. Toys to Teach Kids About Dental Hygiene
12. Brush Your Teeth Chart
13. Brush Your Teeth! Preschool Craft
14. 5 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun
15. Learning About Dental Health – Tooth Collage

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    • There are several ways by you can promote healthy teeth in kids as well teach them the dental care. Whereas, these days sweets are available in every store in cheap rates and kids always love to eat sweet things. However these things are harmful for the dental health. I am not saying to stop them from eating such things, but teach them about routine dental care such as most importantly teeth brushing two times a day.

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