Tasty Fa Mulan Cocktail is Better Than the Movie

I know it is a bold statement: Tasty Fa Mulan Cocktail is Better Than the Movie. We are huge fans of the Disney franchise Mulan and were anxiously awaiting the release of the new live-action movie since March. Covid-19 put a small thorn in our side and delayed the release date a few times until we got the dreaded “indefinite” […]

How to Throw a Princess Party

It seems like the magic of Disney rubs off on every little girl, and eventually? The request for a princess birthday party comes around. We managed to throw a magical event for a fraction of the possible cost and want to show that it is easy to create awesome memories if you know How to Throw a Princess Party. How […]

Our Mulan Movie Mushu Rice Krispy Treats

I simply love the fact that Disney has been making live action films of all the classic princess movies. With Mulan soon to hit theaters, this Mushu Rice Krispy Treat is themed after the dragon sidekick and ancestor of Mulan’s. As these gems start with pre-made Rice Krispy treats, you streamline the entire production and can have this batch whipped […]

Captain Marvel Has Caught Our Attention

It’s about time: a Marvel Movie dedicated to a strong female role model! As a mother of a tween girl, we do NOT believe that a “man is the plan”. Sadly, that is a lot of Disney classic films and Disney knows it! They made fun of that fact in the latest Wreck it Ralph movie – saying that “Does […]

Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket Drinks

One of the Disney movie experiences I loved the most was being in NYC and listening to Paul Rudd chat about his role in the Marvel movie Ant Man. Not only is Paul a very funny guy in real life, he was a delightful addition to the Marvel franchise and will be a great leader as that team transitions to […]

The “Incredibles” Ding Dong Treats

These sweet goodies are a great idea for birthdays, movie night or just for the heck of it. If, like me, you know a few families that are big PIXAR movie fans, share this recipe with them and you’ll instantly be a superhero. You will need: 1 box of chocolate ding dongs3 egg whites1/2 tsp cream of tarter4 C powder […]