Valentine’s Day Drinks to Celebrate with Your Love

Here are some great Valentine‚Äôs Day drinks options that can be enjoyed by you and your relationship, be it old or a new one which is just blossoming. Just gather all the necessary ingredients and whip up any of the following impressive drinks that are not too complicated to prepare. Valentine’s Day Drinks to Celebrate with Your Love Raspberry Lemonade […]

17 Whimsical Hot Cocoa Bombs To Try

Is there anything better than hot cocoa bombs on a cold winter day? Not really. It seems magical to pop one into a mug and pour a little warm milk over it – then stand back and watch the magic happen. I know they seem fussy to make. A pain in the tush. That all goes away when you see […]

Kick Off the Holidays With Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Mix

The holiday season is in full swing! Gingerbread houses are being decorated, lights are shining brightly on the trees, and families are starting to get into the spirit. It’s time to gather around the fireplace with hot cocoa in hand. If you’re looking for a new flavor of hot chocolate mix, this Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Mix recipe is just what […]

Hocus Pocus Salem Cocktail is Ambrosian Practical Magic

With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to get out a few of our favorite freak fest films and enjoy the frights of the season. Last year we whipped up a list of The Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween. Our favorite is less scary, but great family fun. That is why we whipped up the […]

Tasty Fa Mulan Cocktail is Better Than the Movie

I know it is a bold statement: Tasty Fa Mulan Cocktail is Better Than the Movie. We are huge fans of the Disney franchise Mulan and were anxiously awaiting the release of the new live-action movie since March. Covid-19 put a small thorn in our side and delayed the release date a few times until we got the dreaded “indefinite” […]

25 Best Baileys Irish Cream Dessert Recipes

Bailey’s Irish Cream, introduced in the 1970s, is an alcohol-based liquor in Ireland. It is made from Irish whiskey and cream, and the product is top-rated in household kitchens. It is chiefly used as an ingredient for cocktails, cakes, desserts, shots, etc. Think past the drink and look at Baileys Irish Cream Dessert Recipes. You can also use Irish cream […]