How to Throw a Princess Party

How to Throw a Princess Party

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It seems like the magic of Disney rubs off on every little girl, and eventually? The request for a princess birthday party comes around. We managed to throw a magical event for a fraction of the possible cost and want to show that it is easy to create awesome memories if you know How to Throw a Princess Party.

how to throw a princess birthday party on a budget cover

How to throw a princess party

It starts with creative shopping:

When you are going to throw a party, be open to ideas that jump out at you. These shopping scores were over a six month window, before we really started to plan the princes party. I had things on hand for a polka dot party, but the shopping gods seemed to push me in a different directions.

princess party invitaions

It all started with the invitations. I saw these cute invitations on a clearance rack outside of JoAnne’s Craft Store – each pack of 8 was marked down to $.25 so I picked up all three packs. I am a HUGE scrapbooker and could NOT have made invitations for $.03 each – with envelopes! We mentioned on the invitations that the guests were to all attend in their best princess attire.

How to dress the princess party invitations up

How to Throw a Princess Party invitations

They were complete, with envelopes already, so I simply had to dress up the envelopes a bit and make them more of a “Royal” presentation. I saw this cute tutorial on Pinterest on how to make a tissue paper flower. You can read it HERE. I simply make some small flowers and glued them to the back flap of the envelopes. Once tossed into a fancy basket, they were worth the royal passing out…

Right next to those invitations at the craft stores was a stack of “Fake Barbies” Also at $.25 each. I grabbed the last twelve.

That meant twelve little girls at the party. Then I found these at Michael’s Craft Store about a month later – “Burger King”type crowns that are just waiting to be decorated. Two packs of twelve, at $.50 each. I KNEW I had a TON of stuff in my stash (glitter glue, self adhesive gems, markers and butterfly stickers) to decorate them. Why did I get two packs? Someone always makes a mistake, and with twelve guests? I knew I needed at leat thirteen crowns if the birthday gal was going to participate.

Add some FREE rings from table decorations at a Tupperware Leadership event that no one really wanted, clearance candy molds from Michael’s, and Princess Suckers from Big Lots for $.50 a pack? We have cool things for the goody bags!

Then, a little fun at Vistaprint for FREE thank you notes (complete with envelopes) to top off the goody bags!

To keep the rings from getting lost in those goody bags, I wanted to get a tad more creative. To package the rings I used toilet paper rolls, wrapped in patterned paper and simply trimmed with ribbon and flowers. All we had to do was to tuck a little tissue in there AND a ring. We folded the edges over to make a “pillow box.”

Things to make the average special

It is easy to whip out paper plates, or even folding chairs. They don’t really seem special, or make a little girl feel like a princess. When thinking about how to throw a princess party, that making things special or fancy concept is important!

Making paper plates fancy is easy. Simply punch holes in the outer rims of them and weave a ribbon through, tying the ends together with a bow. Just like you can see in the picture. Of course, it is pink.

How to Throw a Princess Party decorated paper plates

DIY Princess Chairs

Our little princesses needed something to sit on and I knew I didn’t have enough matching chairs. I borrowed a lot of folding chairs from a friend:

See- not very “princessy”.
No worries! I have a plan! Another pal had satin chair covers left over from her wedding that she let me borrow. I popped them over the folding chairs.

Better, but still, not quite right. Let’s add a little fuchsia to tie in with the table skirt and make them “pop.” Easy Peasy!

How to Throw a Princess Party upstyled princess chairs

We loved the look so I steamed 16 chair covers and stacked them over ONE chair to keep wrinkle free until the big party.

A quick princess birthday party game

Pin-the-Jewel-on-the-Crown! We hit the local dollar store for some poster board and post-it notes. The yellow poster board was cut to make the crown, and post-it note corners were cut off to make octagon jewels. The center was left open for the visiting royalty to attempt placement when blindfolded.

Setting the Scene – With Paper Flowers

We knew the tables would be set up under the big maple tree, so we wanted to hang some large paper flowers from that tree. We made pastel tissue paper flowers in advance and connected them to fish line so it would be easier to toss into the tree and over branches. The tissue was from my gift wrap stash.

Getting the Food Ready

On the menu was: princess sandwiches, baby carrots with ranch dressing, princess punch, princess cookies, princess cupcakes, and princess popcorn. Let’s start with the princess punch – It’s easy to take a label off a water bottle and make a new one with software programs like Canva – but you need to remember one thing: when it condensates, it will bleed though your ink! Use packing tape on the BACK of it to prevent that, before you put the labels on. I added Crystal Light Mix Ins to make it “punchy”.

How to Throw a Princess Party DIY princess punch

How to make water bottle labels

First, cut your labels to size. You want them at least large enough to cover the ones on the water bottles, if you aren’t taking the labels off.

 You may or may not want it long enough to fully wrap around your bottle. If you are printing them off, just don’t let your design go all the way to the edges of your 8 1/2″ paper, it will cover itself up when wrapped around.  Flip your label over, so you are looking at the back side:

 Take clear packing tape and cover the back side completely. Now, you are ready to wrap the bottles!

Princess Cookies

The Princess Cookies were simple – and started with a packade of pink wafer cookies from the local dollar store. I laid them on a silicone baking mat – drizzled melted white chocolate over them and sprinkled with heart cake confetti. You just have to let the white chocolate set up a bit before peeling them off the silicone mat and putting in a container for storage.

Let’s look at what the plates of princess food will look like:

Foil cupcake wrappers were used to hold personal sized servings of princess popcorn, and a small batch of ranch dip, with baby carrots dipped in. The sandwich was simple: jam on white bread, and cut with a crown sandwich cookie cutter. A few princess cookies grace the plate, and a princes punch. See the cupcakes in the background? Let’s talk about them:

How to Throw a Princess Party killer princess cupcakes

So I used the candy molds to make the white candy crown picks that fit inside the cupcakes. I used my tips on how to make Killer Cupcakes. If you don’t have acess to something like that, you can always uses my Princess Candy Shoes to top them instead.

Bring on the party guests!

The flowers are hung, the chairs are covered, and the table is set – we are ready for the princesses to arrive!

They came, decorated crowns, played pin the jewel on the crown, and then passed Princess Lessons 101: walking with grace.

After the activities, we moved to the table and they sung Happy Birthday before digging in. They had a total blast with the specially themed day.

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