A Helpful Guide on How to Cut an Onion the Right Way

How to cut an onion: a question that is asked and answered (wrongly) all the time. How can someone possibly get it right every single time? Well, we’re here to help you with that! We’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to cut an onion in the best way possible. So whether you’re making dinner or looking for a fun new […]

Cooking Appliances to Help Simplify the Cooking Process

To cook healthy meals with your busy schedule, you need to have the right tools. This process includes using a variety of different tools, gadgets, and cooking appliances. Most of them are on the budget-friendly side, so don’t worry about spending too much money. Just start buying them one at a time, starting with the ones you believe you would […]

Cheddar, Chive & Bacon Quiche Recipe

Real men DO eat Quiche! It’s frugal, a great way to disguise leftovers, keeps well and reheats well, freezes well and has a ton of variations. Of all the basic recipes I have ever tried, this gets the most compliments, try it and enjoy! Cheddar, Chive & Bacon Quiche 22 Smart Points Per Serving You will need: 3 eggs 1 […]

Cooking Class 101: How to Make Gravy

Have you have ever wanted to make gravy but made something that left no drippings?   You don’t want to use canned or jar gravy? Using leaner cuts of meat, grilling, or other cooking preparations usually means you won’t have much fat for making a gravy.  Have no fear, you can still create a delicious, and rich gravy to complete your meal. […]

Cooking School 101: How To Make Pizza Crust

If you are like most families you probably have pizza night once a week.  Making homemade pizza at home is a great way to save money, creates an opportunity to get kids in the kitchen, and control the ingredients that go into it.  This pizza crust is super simple to make and can be used to create pizzas, Calzones, pizza pockets, or […]