How To Fix Poor Dental Habits In 8-10 Year Old Children

How To Fix Poor Dental Habits In 8-10 Year Old Children

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Here is something fun I learned at Miss Sarah’s last dental checkup:

Did you realize that many 8-10 year old children have gingivitis? Many think that this is a dental issue only in adults, but unfortunately this is not true. Many children are not taking adequate care of their teeth and the result is poor dental care leading to gingivitis. Here are some great tips for how to overcome this and get rid of poor dental habits in your kids.

Yup, She has it. The good news? It is reversible!

Use the right toothbrush. Many kids are not using a toothbrush suited for their mouths and teeth. They could be using a manual toothbrush that is too small or even too large for their mouth. This won’t get the plaque off their teeth well and the result could lead to gingivitis. A quality electric toothbrush is a great choice that kids will enjoy using and can manage to improve their dental health in no time.

Don’t avoid flossing. Kids hate flossing, but adults do too if we are honest. However, removing those bits of food between our teeth is vital to dental health. If you want to fix poor dental health habits in children, you need to focus on flossing as part of the regular routine. I recommend using dental flossing picks instead of traditional floss since they are much easier for little hands to manage in their mouths.

Set a timer. Kids all too often don’t brush long enough. Set a timer that will go off when they have brushed long enough. There is no better way to make sure they are spending enough time on their teeth than to do this.

Make sure they are brushing front, back, top and bottom. Kids often just go through the motions without really focusing on what teeth they are brushing. Make sure they are actually brushing all of their teeth appropriately. That means you may have to monitor or show them by brushing your teeth in front of them.

Use mouthwash. A sugar free kid friendly mouthwash can go a long way toward killing germs and helping to break up plaque. This is a great addition to their dental hygiene routine.

Follow up regularly. Not only do you need to personally check their dental health habits, you need to make sure they are being taken to the dentist regularly. It is recommended that everyone have a dental cleaning at least once every six months. Some instances mean you will go more often.

I know all these tips for how to fix poor dental habits in your children will go a long way toward preventing them from having the diagnosis of gingivitis as a child, but it isn’t enough for high “I” children like Miss Sarah. If it came with balloons, confetti and glitter, than it would be a perfect world!

This is where companies like Brush Buddies come in!


Their whimsical lines of brushes appeals to the young and the young at heart.

I think all of the moms out there know that raising our children and getting them to do the things they are supposed to on a day to day basis can be a bit difficult sometimes. For example, cleaning up their rooms or brushing their teeth at night. There isn’t exactly glitter and confetti, but there can be music, countdown timers and so much more! Miss Sarah LOVED the one that played Jingle Bells for two minutes!
Brush Buddies are a new brand that make brushing fun for kids. Not only do they make amazing oral care products, but they also make personal care products, and first aid. They cover everything health-related for your kiddos. All of their products incorporate some of your kid’s favorite icons such as Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and even Justin Bieber. They have hundreds of different designs, there is something out there for all kids to choose from.
Not only are Brush Buddies fun for the kids because they have some of their favorite characters, but they are also fun for the parents because they keep your kid’s oral healthcare in check they truly are a great product. Brush Buddies have everything from manual toothbrushes, to electric toothbrushes and oral cleaning devices at an affordable rate. You can have a one-stop shop by getting your kid’s toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, and all other oral health essentials.
If you are struggling with getting your kids to take care of their teeth as often as they should, try getting a product that they will absolutely love and want to use everyday! I know it has certainly helped my kiddo, and it will help your kids out as well so they build healthy dental hygiene habits early in life to last for years to come.
Disclosure: we were sent a bunch of fun different toothbrushes to test out in exchange for are honest review. All thoughts are entirely our own and Miss Sarah give them two thumbs up!

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