5 Ways Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

5 Ways Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

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5 Ways Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

Summer is a great time for kids to not only have a great time but learn important life lessons. One of these lessons is how to earn and save money. While some children may be old enough to hold traditional jobs younger children also can participate and earn pocket money of their own.

Lemonade Stand

It isn’t summer unless there’s a lemonade stand! Mom and dad might consider making a “donation” of supplies to get started, while children can take time to decorate and set up a table and create advertising for their sale. A little guidance may be needed to set prices. Adult supervision is important though can vary depending on the child’s age. If you live close to a baseball diamond or soccer field, talk with your child about coordinating their sale with sporting events for more traffic. There are a lot of lessons about business that can be taught through a simple lemonade stand!

Grass Cutting and Odd Jobs

Do you have neighbors that could use help cutting their grass during the summer months? What about other odd jobs like picking up sticks, weeding gardens, or walking dogs? These are great opportunities for your child to earn some money regularly. They’ll need to talk with neighbors, and set up a schedule to complete the tasks on a regular rotation, as well as collecting payment.

Sports Referee

Many sports leagues hire referees for younger aged children. While these sometimes are adults, more often than not they are early teens. Your child will likely need to attend a few classes to be trained and will have to have transportation to the games they are hired to referee. They also will likely need to submit a time slip for the games they’ve worked.

Thrift Sale

Children of all ages can earn money by selling their old toys or clothes as a part of a thrift sale. Many families have these every summer. Children can sort through their old items and select what they want to put up for sale. While some parents may allow children to keep the entire profit from a sale others may opt to make it a percentage of the sale. Bonus: Children can set up a lemonade stand during the thrift sale for an added profit!

Paper Route

Along with lemonade stands, paper routes are the quintessential summer job for kids. All kids need is a bike and a little guidance and they’re on their way to paper delivery bliss! Mom or dad may want to make the trip a few times to be sure they know their way and are doing the job properly – or make walking or riding the route a part of your fitness routine and share the time with your child.

There are plenty of ways for kids to earn some extra cash during the summer months with a little creativity and effort. Be sure to check your local and state laws before starting any kind of money making endeavor as employment laws vary between localities.

What are some ways your kids have earned money during their summer break?

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