Captain Marvel Has Caught Our Attention

It’s about time: a Marvel Movie dedicated to a strong female role model! As a mother of a tween girl, we do NOT believe that a “man is the plan”. Sadly, that is a lot of Disney classic films and Disney knows it! They made fun of that fact in the latest Wreck it Ralph movie – saying that “Does […]

Thermacell Keeps Me From Donating Blood To Mosquitos!!

During the summer, I love being outdoors. Especially at night when the weather cools down. What I do not like is mosquitoes. I swear my blood is their favorite, and it just calls to them. If we spend an entire evening on the patio as a family everyone gets bit a few times but I look like I have chickenpox. […]

5 Natural Remedies for Age Spots

I have always had freckles and, at almost fifty, I would like continue thinking that is what I have on my hands and arms. The dreaded truth is that they are age spots. Age spots can also be called solar lentigines or liver spots. They are small dark areas on your skin, ranging on your face, hands and other body […]

15 Fun Ways to Promote Healthy Teeth in Kids

I once heard a parent say “I don’t care if he brushes his teeth, they are just going to fall out and be replaced any way.” Those baby teeth are important, they are place holders for the adult teeth that are bound to come in. It’s also important to make sure they are taking care of their mouth because gingivitis […]

Top Gift Ideas For The Traveler

We love to travel, and this year I have been out on the road more often than not it seems. ┬áThis list of gift ideas for the traveler is a great place to look for amazing and fun ideas to gift to the traveler on your list. ┬áNo matter what you choose, they are sure to love these great items. […]

Five Great DIY Christmas Present Ideas

In a world where commercialism has taken over the Christmas holiday, DIY Christmas presents are a wonderful change of pace. It is a ton of fun to do, requires your actual heart and costs next to nothing to make a DIY Christmas present. DIY Christmas presents make for the best gifts because they are full of your own spirit and […]