Thermacell Keeps Me From Donating Blood To Mosquitos!!

Thermacell Keeps Me From Donating Blood To Mosquitos!!

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During the summer, I love being outdoors. Especially at night when the weather cools down. What I do not like is mosquitoes. I swear my blood is their favorite, and it just calls to them. If we spend an entire evening on the patio as a family everyone gets bit a few times but I look like I have chickenpox. Maybe it’s my blood type? Maybe it’s because I am just so gosh darn sweet? I have no idea. But evenings weren’t as enjoyable before we started using Thermacell Patio Shield.

Thermacell Keeps Me From Donating Blood To Mosquitos!!

Thermacell repellent devices repel mosquitoes by creating a 15ft x 15ft zone of area repellent, so we put one on each side of the porch. This repellent, allethrin, is a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum plants.
No cords or matches needed. Thermacell repellent devices are powered by a butane cartridge and batteries. Butane provides the cordless, portable heat that activates the devices. The heat generated by the butane cartridge is directed to a metal grill. The metal grill heats up the special mat and synthetic smell is released into the area we are sitting.

We tested this gem at our cabin in the North-woods of Wisconsin where the mosquitos are large enough to carry off small children. Not. One. Bite.

I feel safer knowing that my entire family is a bit more protected from itchy bug bites, West Nile and Izeka!

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disclosure: while we were compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are entirely our own. This little gem is going to live in our pop up camper!

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