How to Save Money Camping

How to Save Money Camping? Camping on a tight budget is hardly a new idea, but it’s one that more people are considering since the economy went south. Even if you haven’t been downsized or otherwise directly touched by the economic downturn, you’re still living in a world where saving money is actually in style again. When your family sits […]

Thermacell Keeps Me From Donating Blood To Mosquitos!!

During the summer, I love being outdoors. Especially at night when the weather cools down. What I do not like is mosquitoes. I swear my blood is their favorite, and it just calls to them. If we spend an entire evening on the patio as a family everyone gets bit a few times but I look like I have chickenpox. […]

Teaching Children How To Fish

Teaching children how to fish Teaching a child to fish opens up decades for enjoying fine food, accomplishment, good fellowship, patience, and an excuse to grow a four day beard. How then should one go about it? 1)      START FROM A BOAT: Trolling from a boat is the safest, most controllable environment. Starting on a river is an invitation to […]