Five Great DIY Christmas Present Ideas

Five Great DIY Christmas Present Ideas

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In a world where commercialism has taken over the Christmas holiday, DIY Christmas presents are a wonderful change of pace. It is a ton of fun to do, requires your actual heart and costs next to nothing to make a DIY Christmas present. DIY Christmas presents make for the best gifts because they are full of your own spirit and creativity and show that you actually thought of the individual. Here are five awesome DIY Christmas Present ideas you might consider giving this holiday season

A Scrapbook of Memories

Many people like to create a simple scrapbook that details your history with the person you are gifting. Pictures, written memories and even videos can make this ultra special and allow you to truly put your heart in the gift.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Some paint, a white dollar store coffee mug and a little bit of ingenuity can create a fantastic DIY Christmas present. Simply get out the old paintbrush and create something unique and one of a kind. This one is great for the kids to do for mom or dad.

Baked Goods

Come on. Really? Who wouldn’t love a beautiful tray of chocolate chip cookies, Christmas bark or candy? Whip out the apron and make some holiday magic!

A Favorite Things Gift Basket

This is commonly considered to be a commercial item but not if you put it together with love items. For example, a love letter, a particular scent sprayed on a favorite book and some homemade candles would make a wonderful basket. Find all the things they love that don’t necessary cost anything and gather them in one fantastic holiday basket.

Personal Coupons

How about a basket of coupons for your personal attention? One free kiss. One day of no honey-do-this or honey-do-that. One giant back rub that has no timer on it. Dig deep and give them yourself for Christmas!

These are five of our favorite things for DIY Christmas presents. What are yours? Share with us your most creative ideas and fun holiday presents!

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