Sweet and Savory Charcuterie Board Holiday Appetizers

Sweet and Savory Charcuterie Board Holiday Appetizers

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The holiday season is a time for cooking and entertaining, and what better way to do both than with Sweet and Savory Charcuterie Board Holiday Appetizers.

Sweet and Savory Charcuterie Board Holiday Appetizers

What is charcuterie?

Well, the word charcuterie derives from the French word for pork butcher – “charcuterie.” This means that charcuterie boards are typically made up of cured meat products like ham or bacon in addition to cheese, olives, pickles, nuts, etc.

We are kicking it up a notch this year with additional sweet and savory holiday appetizers to grace and enhance your traditional charcuterie offerings.

When it comes to entertaining for the holidays, having a variety of sweet and savory holiday appetizers is a must in our house. When you are looking for an appetizer, you want a dish that is full of flavor, delicious, and easy to make. Luckily, these sweet and savory holiday appetizers are both!

Whether you are looking for a sweet appetizer or more of a savory appetizer, there is something for everyone on this holiday appetizer list. Friends and family will gobble up these appetizers up at your next holiday party so you may want to double up or serve a variety of these appetizers!

Sweet or Savory?

It seems that people tend to pick one over the other. A sweet treat kicks up your energy a notch and seems to take you back to childhood. We picture ourselves back in that family childhood kitchen decorating cookies and occasionally taste testing a few.

Whereas, a savory dish is more grounding and filling. But, with this Sweet and Savory Charcuterie Board Holiday Appetizers list you don’t have to choose! You can have a little bit of both worlds in one sitting.

What to serve with charcuterie?

Serve everything already sliced and grouped on one charcuterie board…you can make it as fancy as you wish with meats rolled, shaped like roses, etc.

We like to add other items to our cheeseboard – which means we have the bread and crackers on the side so we can create extra space on the board for additional yummies.

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Sweet and Savory Holiday Appetizers

Here are some of our favorite Sweet and Savory Charcuterie Board Holiday Appetizers:

Brie with Apricots Cranberries and Pecans

The ultimate holiday appetizer, this apricot cranberry baked brie has a sweet nut topping and is baked until it is just perfect. It is great for spreading on those crackers!

Cranberry Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese Balls

Unique and delicious, these cheese balls are made with goat cheese and smothered in a crunchy cranberry pistachio mix. We love to put them in foil mini cupcake liners – to dress them up a bit on the charcuterie board.

Elegant Shrimp Avocado Wonton Appetizer

This slight fusion of Mexican and Asian cuisines will totally treat the taste buds while making for a rather impressive presentation. You can totally save steps buy using store bought guacamole, we just like to make ours fresh. This tasty appetizer is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Crock Pot French Onion Dip

Easy to make and oh so delicious, this French onion dip is made in the crockpot and served warm. Just remember, everything sits on a Ritz – this is a fantastic addition to your meats and cheese tray!

Green Goddess Dip

Creamy and garlicky, this herb-flavored dip is also very keto-friendly. This makes for a great color on your sweet and savory charcuterie board and is a delicious holiday dip.

Cranberry Jalapeno Salsa

A delicious cranberry salsa that has a bit of a kick to it, this cranberry jalapeno salsa can be served with tortilla chips. It gives your taste buds a great zippy switch around the saltier offerings on the board.

Holiday Cranberry Cheese Spread

Another delicious cranberry appetizer that can be spread on crackers for a bite-size holiday appetizer you are sure to love…cheese spread or cheese balls are a great way slightly stretch a buck and create a unique offering.

Southwest Chicken Wonton Cups

These delicious wonton cups will make a delicious holiday appetizer! This Low Fat gem is both tasty and pretty darn easy to make! They are a simple finger food, can be made in a batch,

Bacon Jalepeno Dip

Bacon Jalepeno Dip is a Heavenly Mouth Explosion that fits right in there – a great snack, that with a little support, makes for an incredible meal… it is perfect for that holiday charcuterie board!

Air Fryer Frickle Pickles

A fun appetizer for the kids, these holiday Grinch kabobs are a fun fruit aI could talk about pickles forever! As a fermented food, they are better for digestion, and make for a wonderful side for sandwiches, soups, etc. Zippy Air Fryer Frickle Pickles are a healthier version of deep fried pickles and yet, they still have that tasty “snap” that bend your tongue into pleasure.

Stuffed Cucumber Bites

A refreshing appetizer dish, these stuffed cucumber bites are refreshing and delicious. These stuffed cucumber bites are also keto-friendly.

Seasoned Crispy Kale Chips

Salty stuff is great on a charcuterie board! If you’re looking for a healthy and satisfying alternative to fried potato chips, you are in the right place. This Crispy Seasoned Kale Chips Oven Recipe Easy Snack is just the ticket to satisfy the munchies but still stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Instant Pot Artichoke Dip!

This is where this Quick Instant Pot spinach artichoke Dip recipe will come in handy. This will not take very long and people will appreciate the creamy goodness along with the tang of the meat and cheese offerings.

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