Stock the Crock and Fill the Freezer!

When I was invited to check out a new cookbook called Stock the Crock, I was curious as to what they could possibly teach me. I perused the pages, tabbed several recipes that I liked and had the family go through and pull tabs off if they didn’t like the recipe. With the incredible color photos, it was easy to […]

Heavenly Greek Chicken and Potatoes – For the Freezer!

I LOVE freezer meals – especially when everything is in the package and ready to thaw and bake or simply dump into my crockpot. Let’s face it – those crazy busy days are so much easier to wind down when you know dinner is done already! This Greek Chicken and Potatoes can be made ahead of time in the freezer, […]

How To Bulk Cook For the Freezer

My 40 meals from 20 pounds of chicken post has already generated a lot of emails, LOL! Here is a post to answer most of the common questions. 🙂 I like to let my crock pot do a lot of the work for me! Simply dump in the meat and what seasoning you want. If I am doing chicken, I […]

How to kill off five pounds of ground beef!

First you have to make some hamburger patties for the freezer – nothing says lovin’ like a grilled burger in the middle of February…Then you want to season them, before stacking and poppin’ into the freezer. I froze four and we had two right away for lunch!Then toss the rest into the mixer with your mealoaf seasonings (see under OMAC […]

Ham Meal Plan

Today’s big purchase of the day was an 11 pound ham. (Yes, it was on sale…) This ham gives us over 10 meals worth of meat, and that is AFTER you remove the bone! Ham, bacon, pork – all is super to have as a meal for the family and here is my favorite thing about it: the FDA forbids […]