How to Simplify Meal Planning

How to Simplify Meal Planning

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Food is probably one of the main focuses for almost every family. Preparation and planning, cooking, and serving can be exhausting. However, we want to enjoy our food and that’s why it takes a lot of our effort and time. Variety is for sure the spice of life. However, we put a lot of our time thinking about what we want to eat or even wear so we have come up with How to Simplify Meal Planning for you.

How to Simplify Meal Planning

A lot of successful people wear the same clothes every single day. This is because they want to avoid decision fatigue that an abundance of choices is able to cause. We sometimes focus a lot on tiny details and we become distracted when it comes to big decisions that really matter.

Ingredient list

Cook simple meals. This is probably the easiest way you can use if you want to simplify your meals. Simple meals are made of a vegetable, a protein, and a starch. For example, you can make a grilled chicken with a baked potato. Simple sandwiches and soups with bread can be quite delicious and comforting. Try noodle bowls or rice grain. Add some sauces and you are good to go!

Take help if you can

Grocery bills can be so expensive! Prepare your own food is going to save you a lot of money. However, grating, preparing, and chopping are also going to take your time. There is always something to be said about making your own almond milk, tomato sauce, or even bread. However, sometimes the canned or jarred food can help you to save more.

Enjoy themed days

Come up with themed days that your family is going to love. For example, Fish Sticks Friday, or Meatless Monday. Make them a regular thing and you will see how your family is enjoying those days. This is going to be a solution for a very popular question “What are we going to eat tonight?” Believe me, your family is going to be thankful and you are all going to enjoy this.

Respect leftovers

I get it, not a lot of people like leftovers. If your family is not a big fan of them, it will take a lot of time for you to encourage them to use them. If you cook once and eat for several days you are going to save yourself a lot of time. However, a lunch of leftovers from last night is going to taste much better than a frozen meal. Plus, you are going to save money you would spend at a lunch spot or in the office cafeteria.

Prep meals on Sunday

Preparing your meals on Sunday will set up your week for success. Trust me, you will be fulfilled when you open your fridge or freezer and see a bunch of ready-to-go meals. If you get into it you will quickly notice that you can prepare everything in just an hour. It will save you a lot of time and will also relieve you from stress. If you want to try this method, you can try to prepare everything for every meal in the week, not just dinners.

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