40 Chicken Freezer Meals Project!

40 Chicken Freezer Meals Project!

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Yesterday, while picking up a little produce at Aldi – I saw this:
Now, I may be the reason God invented “spell check”, but I am an ace at math!
That meant $.85/# for boneless, skinless chicken breast – more than 80% off the normal price in this area!
meal plan month one

Time for Chicken Freezer Meals!
I got 4 packs:
It came to $16.36 in sale pricing and was about 19.5 pounds of poultry.
(I DID use my fancy phone and share this on our facebook page, but 20 minutes later, they were out.)
Now – what to do with it all?
In my Meal Planning class – I talk about making meat a “compliment” to the meal instead of the main dish — having more veggies and whole grains to enjoy with it. For the 2.5 of us, we average half a pound of meat per meal so 20 pounds of chicken is about 40 meals!
Freezer time!
Last night, using my crock pot, I made Teriyaki Chicken x 5 meals.
I took one whole pack and simply added 2 bottles of Teriyaki sauce and 2 cans of chunked pineapple then let it rip all night. It is now cooling and will be shredded a bit and bagged, with sauce and put into the freezer. All I have to do is add steamed Oriental Veggies and serve over brown rice.
I will save two 1 cup portions and bag them separately for Asian Pizza Mix (x 2). I will lightly spread peanut butter on the crust, add 1 cup of the meat, grated carrot, mozzarella and cilantro. I know – it sounds strange, but it’s kind of like Chicken Sate on a crust.
That leaves just enough for Chicken Fried Rice Kits (x 2).
Again, about 1 cup, with 1 cup of mixed frozen veggies in a bag.
That turned one package into NINE meals!
Tonight, it’s Shredded BBQ chicken (x6) in the crock pot!
We like slider sized sandwiches with this stuff! I will shred it tomorrow morning and bag up –
so it will be heat ‘n eat sammies that we simply top with a little grated cheddar and pickle.
A large bottle of BBQ sauce and all but 2 of the chicken breasts go in.
I will also save some for BBQ Chicken Pizza Mix (x 2).
It’s a 1 cup portion, with diced red onion. I simply add it to the crust and top with cheddar cheese to bake off. I know, I could add more veggies to this – but it’s a stretch for Miss Sarah so I keep it simple, cut it into squares and serve with fruit salad.
That leaves JUST enough chicken off that pack to make Rosemary Chicken & Potatoes (x 2).
I LOVE the McCormick seasoning packs that do the work for you on this one!
All the seasonings are there, already measured out and the recipe, that I only alter a tiny bit.
Instead of chicken thighs, I used diced boneless, skinless.
Two big zippy bags here – add 2 TBSP olive oil and all the seasonings.
Then 1# or so diced read potatoes, 1 large chicken breast that is diced too.
Zip up and freeze – just thaw and bake at 425 for 20-30 minutes and serve with a salad.
That’s 10 more meals from this package!
Let’s use those McCormick packs again!
FYI – they run about $1.99 BUT have been easy to get FREE or almost free
 over the last few months on double coupon day!
I think they cost me $.50 each this time with a $.75/1 doubled Q!
Chicken Caccitore Kits (x 2) and Herbed Greek Chicken (x 2).
Both will be similar to the Rosemary Chicken, bagged and dropped in the freezer.
Now, I just have to pan fry some cubes!
Cooked, diced chicken for soup (x 4) and Chicken Pot Pie Mix (x 4)
The Pot Pie Mix will get bagged with a mixed veggie blend and my chicken/cream sauce…
the soup chicken I will just put in snack sized bags and freeze.
Figure about 3/4 cup in each of the 8 bags.
That took cake of package #3
Now, for the last one: Bacon Wrapped Chicken for grilling (x 2).
I will cut two of the breasts into smaller pieces, and wrap with bacon before “flash freezing” them. That way, they won’t stick together in their bags when I pack them up.
One large breast will be cut into strips, lightly tossed in home made seasoned bread crumbs and become Breaded Chicken Fingers (x 2). Easy to bake off for Miss Sarah!
What’s left of the pack will be diced up and turned into Shish Kabob Kits (x 5).
I will simply add them to fresh veggies on a skewer, before grilling this summer.
Since I am allergic to bell pepper, we usually stick with mushrooms, onion and baby tomatoes.
Great with ANY kind of salad or pulled off the skewer and popped into
pita bread with hummus or tziki sauce for a Mediterranean flavor.
OK, that’s it – just a couple of Chicken Freezer Meals from an unexpected score at the store!
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