How To Bulk Cook For the Freezer

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My 40 meals from 20 pounds of chicken post has already generated a lot of emails, LOL!
Here is a post to answer most of the common questions.

I like to let my crock pot do a lot of the work for me!
Simply dump in the meat and what seasoning you want.
If I am doing chicken, I might add one of the following
BBQ Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
Small jar of Salsa
Italian Dressing
I let it rip on low, over night and shut it off in the morning to cool.
After an hour or two, it’s ready to package!
I line cups with a quart “zippy” bag and flip the edge over the edge of the container.
This makes the bags easier to fill as I don’t have seven hands.
Besides meat, I make sure some of that great juice is in there too!
Then, I am ready to “squish” the chicken to shred it…
by simply squeezing it through the bag!
Seal it up and lay flat.
It’s really THAT easy!
Here are the Chicken Teriyaki meals I did today-
I actually got six when I was planning on five!
I place the flat bags on a cookie sheet for a bit and pop into the freezer.
Once they are frozen, it’s easier to put back into the freezer and is more space efficient.
All I need to do is add rice and a small bag of oriental veggies for a complete dinner.
Easy Peasy!
Now, What else did I make?
See all 40 meals HERE

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