Heavenly Greek Chicken and Potatoes – For the Freezer!

Heavenly Greek Chicken and Potatoes – For the Freezer!

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I LOVE freezer meals – especially when everything is in the package and ready to thaw and bake or simply dump into my crockpot. Let’s face it – those crazy busy days are so much easier to wind down when you know dinner is done already! This Greek Chicken and Potatoes can be made ahead of time in the freezer, or the day you want to make it – it is that versatile.

I got hooked on Greek Chicken (and potatoes) from my old neighbor. It’s all about the olive oil and lemon marinade! I even use it with a little feta cheese on any salad to this day. She preferred to use chicken thighs and I know that dark meat is not only moister but less expensive. I don’t care: I am a white meat junkie {honestly!} I figure I can find it on sale for under $1.50 a pound and stock up on it thanks to my chest freezer and ability to can. It is my guilty pleasure.

meal plan month one

So this is a tweak on her recipe…for my tastes, but everyone I know who has tried it – LOVED it! You can use whichever kind of meat you wish to – that is the beauty of it, becoming a bigger bargain meal for your family as the less expensive cuts of meat help, and the potatoes are a great filler.

My big tip when making freezer meals – is to make two to three times a recipe. If you make one freezer meal recipe a week, using whatever meat is the big sales special at your local grocery store, you will have 36 meals in your freezer in just three months. Doesn’t that beat one of those massive prep days to do the same thing? Plus, you know you have gotten your most expensive ingredients at a discount! You have just saved time AND money!

Heavenly Greek Chicken and Potatoes

You will need:

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
5 garlic cloves – not diced, but “smashed” on the cutting board with the broadside of a chef knife
1 lemon – pressed for the juice
2 Tablespoons oregano
1 Tablespoon olive oil
½ teaspoon each salt and pepper

Directions to Make Greek Chicken and Potatoes

Place all of the ingredients in a zippy bag. Seal well and use your hands to massage the spices into the chicken. Label it and throw it into the freezer. Thaw for next step (usually overnight in the fridge)

Heavenly Greek Chicken and Potatoes - For the Freezer! seasoned and ready to bake

Pour chicken and contents of the bag onto a baking dish. Add 2-3 peeled potatoes that are cut into wedges and bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes or until done. It’s hard to explain what the chicken juices + lemon + olive oil do to the potato wedges, but the results are mouth watering!

Heavenly Greek Chicken and Potatoes - For the Freezer! right out of the oven


Dump into your crockpot and let rip on low for 6 hours. The potatoes will have the same flavor, but won’t get that crispy little edge to it.

You can serve this over rice (instead of the potatoes) or with warm pita bread.  A little Greek Salad action doesn’t hurt either…


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