Mickey Mouse Door Wreath: An Easy Dollar Tree DIY Craft

Mickey Mouse Door Wreath: An Easy Dollar Tree DIY Craft

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Do you love Mickey Mouse? Mickey is a favorite in Walt Disney World, and in my house? We have more than one Disney Fan. Mickey has been around for almost 88 years! He was born on November 18th, 1928. This is why Mickey’s birthday is celebrated every year on November 18th. Mickey Mouse Door Wreath: A Dollar Tree Easy DIY Craft will show you how to make this fun craft with materials from your local Dollar Tree store!

Mickey Mouse Door Wreath: An Easy Dollar Tree DIY Craft

Mickey wreaths are popular for Disney Lovers! Mickey wreaths are also a great idea for Mickey Mouse fans and Mickey’s 88th birthday if you don’t like traditional Thanksgiving decor this holiday season and think it is a little too early to be putting up Christmas.

As there are a ton of logistics issues that are stalling supplies hitting local stores, I have found all of these items at my local Dollar Tree recently – so there is still time to make this fun Mickey Wreath and on a budget too!

Mickey Mouse Halloween Door Wreath

You can easily switch this up for a Halloween wreath if you switch out the silk leaves for spider webbing or even those fake spiders! I could see using those skeleton hands as a background also.

Do you have a tiered tray?

This shape of Mickey with the pumpkins is perfect for another holiday decor. It is actually the perfect size for tiered trays. It is just the right size and a great way to tuck that Disney decor into your home.

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Mickey Mouse Christmas Wreath

This is an easy switch up – use snowflake ornaments from the Dollar Tree to cover the cardboard and pop a Santa hat onto your Mickey Pumpkin. I would consider painting them green or white instead of orange too. I think that would be a perfect way for welcoming carolers this season! You can even add in mini Christmas lights to really make it a dramatic display.

Mickey Mouse Front Door Wreath

Using simple supplies from the Dollar Store, create this quick and easy Fall Mickey Wreath Craft in just 30 minutes. While this makes a cute wreath, you can use the Mickey Mouse shape pumpkin head on a large wreath – maybe one with magic mesh – and attach that Mickey head with floral wire or hot glue.

Add a quick zip tie to the back and you now have a door hanger for that festive flair in your decor.

Here is a great video to teach you how to make a deco mesh wreath if you don’t know how to do them

Easy Mickey Mouse Wreath Materials:

Easy Mickey Mouse Wreath Materials
  • Foam Pumpkin, 3” tall, One – Dollar Tree
  • Mini Foam Pumpkin Clips, Two – Dollar Tree
  • Acrylic Craft Paint – Light, Medium, and Dark Orange
  • Fall Silk Leaves and Flower Stems, Four – Dollar Tree
  • Wooden Wreath Form, 6”
  • Permanent Black Marker
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors


You are going to need this for the Mickey Mouse Wreath. Get my FREE Mickey Face downloadable here:

How to make a Mickey Mouse Door Wreath


How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Gather all of your supplies. Remove labels and metal clips from the foam pumpkins. If the pumpkins are super shiny, rough up the surface with sandpaper so the paint has a surface to stick to.


How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Add a base coat of paint to the large and two mini foam pumpkins with medium orange acrylic craft paint. Set them aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary. Add a few strokes of light orange and dark orange acrylic craft paint for depth and dimension. I really think that that step adds a lot to the final look.


How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Mark placement of the mini pumpkins where the ears should be on the large pumpkin. Press the foam in with your thumb on the large pumpkin to flatten the areas where the mini pumpkin ears will be attached. Carefully attach the pumpkin ears with a dab of hot glue.

Mickey Mouse Door Wreath STEP FOUR

How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Using scissors, snip the leaves and flowers from the four silk stems. Attach the leaves in layers around the wooden wreath form with your hot glue gun.

How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Glue additional leaves to the back of the wreath form to add more layers of color and dimension.


How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Download, print, and roughly cut out the Fall Mickey Wreath Face Pattern.

How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Scribble pencil lead onto the back of the image, layer on top of the large pumpkin, and trace the face pattern with a ballpoint pen.

How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Then ink in Mickey’s features with a permanent black marker.

How to make a mickey mouse door wreath


How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Attach silk flowers around the wreath in odd numbers with a glue gun and glue sticks. Separate the petals from the larger flowers and tuck them in between the leaves.

finished How to make a mickey mouse door wreath

Glue the Mickey Pumpkin into the center of the wreath.

Minne Mouse Wreath Decor

Want to make a Minnie Mouse Wreath for your front door instead? Make a quick bow out of red ribbon and use that dab of hot glue to add it between the mouse ears and you are all set!

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