Ingenious Invention: Leprechaun Trap Project and Printable Leprechaun Letter

Ingenious Invention: Leprechaun Trap Project and Printable Leprechaun Letter

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Leprechauns are tricky creatures. Leprechaun traps were invented to catch these mischievous beings. Leprechaun traps can be made out of household items, but if you have the time there is a much more ingenious invention that will help you trap them!

Leprechaun Traps Project and Printable Leprechaun Letter

This Leprechaun Trap Project is a simple way to enjoy a freshly baked pan of brownies and have a little fun at the same time.

Leprechaun Trap Project

Leprechaun Trap project

Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17) can be such a magical holiday for kids. With leprechauns, rainbows, green foods, and pots of gold, what’s not to like?

One fun activity is to help your kids make a Leprechaun Trap. Using odds and ends from around the house (empty oatmeal canisters are wonderful for this) your kids can use their imagination to figure out the best way to trap a Leprechaun.

There are so many ways kids can make a Leprechaun Trap! Leprechauns have been known to be very elusive so your kids will need to think outside the box. Leprechaun Traps can include anything from a trap made of yarn and marshmallows, or one that is set up with candy as bait! Homemade Leprechaun Traps can be made from pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, green construction paper, or even a cardboard box.

I have heard that there was even a Lego Leprechaun Trap!

This is a great way to teach the kids and give them knowledge of simple machines as it could be a leprechaun trap science project! It totally turns into a Leprechaun trap STEM activity while the kids think they are just having St. Patrick’s Day fun.

Regardless of what you choose to make your trap with, I would avoid the hot glue and stick with white craft glue.

Now, how will you draw your leprechauns to their trap?

  • Leprechauns are known to be interested in gold, so maybe you can leave a Leprechaun Letter near your trap that says “I have some Gold for you!”

A simple “free gold” sign could work too.

You could lay out some Lucky Charms Cereal like a bread crumb trail.

  • You could create a rainbow path.
  • Create a little ladder so they can access your bait.
  • Add glitter glue to your artwork – it comes in many different colors.

Now for the best part of your Leprechaun Trap Project – what will your bait be?

Hint: Leprechauns love shiny things, so use coins and trinkets for bait. Posting signs letting the leprechaun know he is welcome is another great way to trick him into your trap!

We have the instructions to make our Leprechaun Trap Brownies for you – even with a printable card! You can find it here: Leprechaun Trap Brownies. Instead of a pot of gold, we use gold foil-wrapped peanut butter cups in a creative way to tempt a real leprechaun.

Printable Leprechaun Letter

Once the trap is set and your kids are in bed, it’s your chance to make the experience truly magical for them. Find a creative and fun way to spring the trap. Cut out an escape hole (bonus points if it is shaped like a leprechaun). And leave some rewards and treats behind, along with this Leprechaun letter printable. (Be sure to follow the clues in the letter when placing the rewards and treats!)

I hope that this free Leprechaun letter printable makes your Saint Patrick’s Day extra magical and special. (Note: We do not accept responsibility for any real leprechauns finding their way to your trap!)

Here is a printable copy –> Leprechaun Trap Letter

We have given your Leprechaun an identity and a little personality – the kids should get a kick out of the letter.

Leprechaun Traps and Printable Letter

After you put away that shoe box of craft supplies that you used to make the Leprechaun Trap Project for sneaky leprechauns, it is a great idea to get out a book!

Here are a few fun books to check out — after that clever trap is set, along with a DVD, fun theme ideas, and gold coins!

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