McGregor Kilt Cocktail Will Bring Out the Irish in You

McGregor Kilt Cocktail Will Bring Out the Irish in You

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How much more Irish can you get with a Jameson and Bailey’s Drink? This McGregor Kilt Cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate taht special St Patrick’s Day or when you just want to revel in a bit of Irish Culture.

While my family is the Frasiers of Scottish heritage, the McGregors are a close kin. The McGregor Kilt is a fearless kilt of Red and Green with white stripes. Rob Roy MacGregor is one of Scotland’s most well known figures. Brigand‚ hero‚ blackmailer and inspired leader‚ many of his exploits became legendary. Another conversation-starting kilt you can be proud to wear anytime!

Who wears the McGregor plaid? There are an awful lot of Scottish clans to start with, and on top of this each clan can have many different tartans and names associated with it. That is just a historical fact of the clans. Here are a list of names that can wear the bold print of the McGregors:

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  • Argyl
  • Arrowsmith
  • Barrowman
  • Begland
  • Black
  • Bower
  • Bowmaker
  • Caird
  • Callendar
  • Callum
  • Clark
  • Comrie
  • Craigdallie
  • Crerar
  • Crowther
  • Dennison
  • Denson
  • Dochart
  • Docharty
  • Dowie
  • Fisher
  • Fletcher
  • Gair
  • Goodsir
  • Greer
  • Gregg
  • Gregor
  • Gregorson
  • Gregory
  • Gregson
  • Greig
  • Grewar
  • Greyson
  • Grier
  • Grierson
  • Grigg
  • grigor
  • Gruer
  • Grudger
  • Guinness

If you notice the name Guinness on the list, it just seems fitting to have a little of that dark brew in the McGregor Kilt Cocktail!

Why is it so dark? One word: Guinness. Guinness is black – or dark ruby red as the company claims – because of how it is brewed. Guinness is a stout beer meaning it is created using roasted malted barley, in a similar way to how coffee beans are prepared. The intense heating process cooks sugars, amino acids and grains together to produce very dark colors.

Some people say Guinness is healthy. Guinness contains “antioxidant compounds” similar to those found in fruits and vegetables that slow down the deposit of cholesterol on artery walls. This can help reduce blood clots and ultimately the risk of heart attacks.

Is it an aphrodisiac? Drinking beer can boost men’s stamina and performance between the sheets. Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Kat Van Kirk claims sinking a few jars can also give them longer and more intense erections. (who knew?) Drinking a dark brew such as Guinness boosts circulation and gets a man in the mood due to its high iron content.

Now this recipe uses Baileys Liquor. Baileys comes in many flavors. In addition to Baileys Original Irish Cream, year-round offerings include Baileys Salted Caramel, Baileys Espresso Creme, Baileys Chocolate Cherry, and Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon. It is the Espresso Creme we use in this recipe. As for the Irish Cream? There are a ton of different ones out there – my favorite is the least expensive option.

You could substitute the whisky out – but Jameson has a distinct flavor, in m opinion. Like many Irish whiskeys, Jameson is triple distilled, compared to the typical twice distilled of Scotland and America, which removes more “impurities” and gives it more of a light clean flavor. Stick with it and you can’t go wrong.

Budget Drinking? It is possible to get smaller sized bottles of most liquors – the mini airport sized bottles are usually 2 ounces. While the price per ounce may be higher, you will pay less out of pocket overall to whip up a batch of the McGregor Kilt. The recipe I am sharing with y’all will make 4 cocktails, perfect for that little get together or St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

How to Make a McGregor Kilt Cocktail

You will need:

  • 2 cups Irish cream – any. The cheaper the better.
  • 4 oz Baileys Liquor – Espresso Creme
  • 4 oz Jameson Whisky
  • 8 oz Guinness
  • 1 oz Irish Cream syrup


  • Add the Irish Cream , Baileys, Jameson Whisky, and syrup into a bar shaker. Shake to combine.
  • Pour over ice into 4 cocktail glasses.
  • Top each drink with about 2 ounces of Guinness.
  • Lightly stir the cocktail and then garnish it.

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