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My Two Dollar Caribbean Beach Vacation

My Two Dollar Caribbean Beach Vacation

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disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All thoughts are entirely my own and the Caribbean beach vacation may or may not have been in my mind. Since my mind is a wonderful, yet scary place, this could be fun!

I find myself, like most days, waiting for Miss Sarah after school. I’m in the big blue mom-mobile and in the parked line of cars that are all waiting for  little passengers.  We are right in the middle of the long Wisconsin winter and had just been treated to a mini heat wave. It hit sixty degrees last week and we all rolled lour windows down. The brief ice storm over the weekend dropped us back to frigid temps and the need to crank the vehicle’s heater.

Sadly, that was a mistake!

Inside that mom-mobile lies the remnants of a busy life with an active munchkin. The dance bag is on the floor and her ballet slippers really need a shot of Lysol. We went through the McDonald’s drive through before church on Sunday and I think there was some milk left in her little chug and the top wasn’t quite replaced. Note to self: wash the gymnastics leotard. I picked up the neighbor kid the other day, as a favor, and still have the hockey bag. We still haven’t figured out where they cat left her hairball when she went to the vet last month…

Get the picture?

Thank goodness for the original auto air freshener: LITTLE TREES . My partnership with them came just in the nick of time! I got to pick from their incredibly diverse collection of fragrances and chose Coral Reef and Eucalyptus. I chose to play with the Coral Reef first so I could experience the serenity of the sea with a unique blend of fresh ocean air and marine notes.

Yup, My Caribbean vacation was on the horizon!

Made from only the best ingredients, LITTLE TREES deliver long-lasting freshness. Over 40 great fragrances available in in a variety of forms to fit your lifestyle and can be purchased almost anywhere! They can be  found at Walmart, Target, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Meijer, Kroger, Pep Boys, Publix, CVS, and other places auto air fresheners are sold and for less than a large soda in any drive through.

Now, back to my vacation…

I clipped the center top of the package like the LITTLE TREE people tell you to, hung it on my rear view mirror, and zipped out to grab a fruity iced tea. I popped in my Steel Drum CD and zipped over to school to grab my little chess club participant. I’m not in the drive up line but sitting on the beach. My eyes are closed as I tip my head back and listen to the music while occasionally sipping my treat.

It’s just like I am back in the Caribbean.


Then I am so rudely interrupted by a little knock on my car window: yup. Vacation over.

I’m OK with that as I know I can return tomorrow — and the day after that. I will slowly strip my LITTLE TREE of it’s plastic dress, as the scent starts to fade, because it will last longer. (How many of you just stripped that poor tree right away?)

Don’t just think of LITTLE TREES for the vehicle — I am sending Miss Sarah to Australia this week. I hid a Eucalyptus LITTLE TREE in her room.  She will now be smelling fresh-cut Australian eucalyptus and mint that create a natural, invigorating fragrance experience.

Bonus: I won’t smell her dirty socks.

Now I know you want to know how you can get in on the LITTLE TREE action! I have a special giveaway where the winner will receive 25 Trees and a Little Trees water bottle.

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