Free Printable Lunch Notes For Kids To Make Their Day

Lunch notes for kids can be a great way to brighten up their day and let them know that you are thinking of them. These little notes can be a source of encouragement, motivation, or simply a way to say “I love you”. Whether your child is starting school for the first time or is a seasoned student, these little […]

52 Free Date Night Ideas To Do With Your Partner

Free Date Night Ideas? Coming off of a year of COVID-19 lockdowns, many people are still working under a tight budget and FREE or cheap/inexpensive date ideas are a thing people really need. One of the things that works to keep relationships alive is spending quality time with each other. In this day of the information age, it is becoming […]

12 Free Finance Fixing Printables You Need

Every family has a monthly budget. The family members must make every effort not to cross the budget threshold so that there are savings at the end of the month. You can see where your finances are at the end of the month through the different finance fixing printables. 12 Free Finance Fixing Printables First: Create a Binder Family Binder […]

Looking Forward to 2019; Making Goals for the New Year

OK, it’s almost the new year. January is the month that most people choose to change their financial situation, get healthier, get organized, etc. While looking forward to 2019 I like to just focus on three things. Let’s just keep this simple: 3,2,1 This is a simple, free printable that you can fill out and post where you will see […]

Free Alphabet Printable Handwriting Worksheets

I love bringing you great ways to make homeschooling easier, and these Free Alphabet Printable Handwriting Practice sheets are a must.  They are very simple to use, and a great addition to your beginner homeschool classroom. Free Alphabet Printable Handwriting Worksheets Teaching your little one how to write is one of the hardest parts of homeschooling. They may already recognize […]