Best Spots to Try for Free Story Times

Reading is fundamental to early childhood development.  The exposure to language and books at an early age has been proven to increase children’s vocabulary and reading scores.  Thankfully, now more than ever, parents have the opportunity to expose their children to reading events in the community.  Story times have become a staple of childhood and finding free ones is good […]

7 Fun Activities to Do On the Beach Besides Swimming

Summer is here in full force, complete with heat, which means its beach weather! There is something about going to the beach that just makes you feel happy and relaxed. I love going to the beach and my whole family always has a blast when we go. What I love about the beach is that there is so much to […]

Backyard Summer Boredom Busters

Summer memories are made on vacation, but there’s something special about just being at home and spending time with family and friends. After the initial break from school, parents (or at least I do) hate hearing the “I am bored” spiel! We have “Summer Rules” around here and are sharing them with you — and hope it helps keep your […]

How to Survive the 4th of July Without Spending a Dime

The 4th of July is coming up quick and it’s everyone’s favorite holiday, but it seems like you can’t enjoy anything without spending money. Most places charge for you to watch their firework displays and putting on your own display can not only be dangerous but can cost a fortune. Not only that but even throwing a little party at […]

Savings Tracker – Free Printable

This site started with my mission to save $40,000 and we did it in less than a year. FOCUS. Focus is the magic word as you plan it out, break that plan down to bite size pieces and then turn it into a reality. Yes, we have our new home and have no mortgage…then we bought a car with cash. […]

Best Mom Certificate – Free Printable

Best Mom Certificate. It’s always fun to recognize those that are important in our lives…and Mother’s Day is certainly one well worth it. I totally believe on showing Mom a little love, LOL– but then, of course I AM a Mom and like the special day all about me. 🙂 A little Best Mom Certificate is a great thing to […]