Delicious Puerto Rican Arepas Recipe: Easy Fry Bread

If you’re craving a taste of Puerto Rico that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this Puerto Rican Arepas Recipe is the answer! These savory treats are a delightful fusion of flavors and textures that will transport your taste buds to the heart of the Caribbean. I am going to guide you through the process of making […]

How to Make a Tasty French Toast Bake

French toast is a popular breakfast food that can be served in many different ways. This Tasty French Toast Bake recipe will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy this favorite dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! We all love entertaining family and friends, especially after having been locked down away for them for such a long time. The trick […]

The Most Amazing Homemade Croutons Recipe

Here it is, January and we all have our New Year’s Resolutions. The most common ones? Lose Weight. Save Money. Get Organized. Those are three things that I talk about across my different websites and If you’re like me, you feel pulled in all those directions. I can’t really help you lose weight, but I share tons of recipes that […]

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

My family be Irish. I may have married into the Norwegian culture and learned to make things like lefse, but the Emerald Isles is where my mother’s family hails from. I have been eating this Traditional Irish Soda Bread since I was a wee gal. I have fond memories of standing next to my mum, in the kitchen, and working […]

Uses for Leftover Bread

How many times do you end up with leftover bread that gets stale too fast and ends up in the trash? If you don’t like throwing away food, consider the following uses for bread that might otherwise get thrown away.             Make Homemade Croutons Leftover stale bread makes great, crunchy croutons. Just chop up a few slices, or run them […]

Apple Fritter Pull-Apart Bread

Apple Fritter Pull-Apart Bread. Could anything sound better on a crisp fall morning? Looking out the back window at the light frost melting off the grass, enjoying the kaleidoscope of color that is appearing on the trees and wrapping your taste-buds around this incredible treat of ours. What a way to start the day! 22 Smart Points Per Serving! You […]