Uses for Leftover Bread

Uses for Leftover Bread

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How many times do you end up with leftover bread that gets stale too fast and ends up in the trash? If you don’t like throwing away food, consider the following uses for bread that might otherwise get thrown away.

            Make Homemade Croutons

Leftover stale bread makes great, crunchy croutons. Just chop up a few slices, or run them through a food processor. These crispy croutons are the perfect topping for a cup of soup or a bowl of salad.

Use in Meat Loaf

When you make meatloaf or meatballs, you need a binding agent like oatmeal or breadcrumbs to absorb the moisture and hold the meat together. Instead of buying bread crumbs from the store, crush leftover bread into crumbs and mix it in to help keep all of the ingredients in shape.

Turn it into French Toast

Leftover bread still works perfectly fine for making French toast. Actually, it’s the best kind to use. Dip the bread into French toast batter (eggs, milk, etc.) and cook it like you normally do. I can almost guarantee You won’t be able to tell the difference between leftover bread and a brand new loaf.

Make Bread Pudding

There are all sorts of bread pudding recipes out there, from savory to sweet. This means that there are all sorts of different flavors you can use to transform old bread into something totally delicious. Many of these bread puddings recipes don’t require many other ingredients, which makes it an ideal dish if the fridge is bare.

Thicken Up Soups

Looking for a way to thicken up watery soups? Keep a bit of leftover bread on hand to toss into excessively brothy recipes. You can also use a bit of old bread to make soup seem creamier. Just pour some soup into a food processor, add a bit of bread, and purée. The blended-in bread crumbs gives the soup a creamy texture without using any actual cream. Easy-peasy!

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