13 Great Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

“Summer vacation is the best time to spend with your kids!” As a mom, I am constantly being told this. But how many times have you been in the middle of summer and not known what to do? This blog post will help solve that problem for you. We are going to go over 13 great activities to do with […]

10 Fun Activities At Home For Kids and Families

Being stuck at home as a family can sometimes get boring, mainly if you always stick to the same tried and tested activities like watching movies and playing monopoly. While March 2020 seems like it lasted 8,000 days, we still have April and May to go for quarantine. Having a list of Fun Activities At Home For Kids can be […]

Why My Daughter Quit Dance

Ever since she was three, Miss Sarah has had weekly dance classes. Like all young students, she started with ballet. Later came jazz, and then tap dance. I watched her joy at recital time and secretly loved her stamina, flexibility, and the lessons that dancing taught her. Dance helped her with her focus on thought, relaxed her, and challenged her […]

7 Tips For Teaching Kids To Swim

It’s that time of year again where families everywhere are hitting the pool or beach for time swimming. These 7 Tips For Teaching Kids To Swim will make all the difference in the world as you head out with your family for fun in the sun. Knowing how to swim is so important for their safety as well as your […]

15 Easy Peasy Valentine Crafts For Kids

Are you looking for some fun things to do with the kiddos for Valentine Day Crafts? We hunted around and found these easy peasy Valentine crafts for kids with these 15 fun ideas! 15 Easy Peasy Valentine Crafts For Kids Valentine Heart Garland This is a very cute and fun craft project for Valentine‚Äôs Day and this will really get […]