The Best Summertime Grilling and Picnic Safety Tips

The summer grilling season is now in full swing, with many of us firing up the grill for a tasty meal. But grilling can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions! This blog post will offer grilling tips to ensure your meals are safe and delicious. In addition, we’ll also cover some picnic safety tips to make sure that everyone […]

Ways To Stay Cool This Summer With Out A/C

The heat of summer is here and depending on where you live, the heat can be absolutely brutal. Air conditioning may seem like a necessity but unfortunately it is simply considered a luxury and not everyone is lucky enough to have that luxury. I have personally experienced this and sometimes it feels like you are not going to survive the […]

Steps for Transitioning From School to Summer Mode

Many schools are already out for summer break and others are coming to a close! Summer break can be a great time, but going from a structured day to play time all the time, can be a bit hard on children. I have shared some steps below for transitioning from school to summer mode as smoothly as possible!  Some kids find leaving their classmates […]

Ways To Have Fun With Kids This Summer

I think everyone is anticipating Summer coming. We’re ready for the cold to go away and the warm summer sun to hit our skin, and I’m sure all of your kids are absolutely dying to be done with school for the year and enjoy their Summer vacation. As much as I loved being out of school as a kid, I […]

10 Amazing Backyard Summer Activities

10 Amazing Backyard Summer Activities Summer memories are made on vacation, but there’s something special about just being at home and spending time with family and friends. But forget the typical BBQ and pool party—this summer, spice things up with these 10 amazing backyard activities. They’re sure to get your friends talking and make some great memories. Giant Jenga. Turn […]