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13 Great Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

13 Great Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

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“Summer vacation is the best time to spend with your kids!” As a mom, I am constantly being told this. But how many times have you been in the middle of summer and not known what to do? This blog post will help solve that problem for you. We are going to go over 13 great activities to do with your children during their summer break!

13 Great Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

With summer in full swing, our kids are already talking about how bored they are. To help them over the next couple of months, I wanted to share some my favorite bucket list ideas for this year.

13 Great Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

If your family likes to keep a routine even during summer, these routine charts for kids are free to print and are super cute. They can help instill new routines when the original schedules have been disrupted.

No matter what, we are determined to make the summer of 2021 the best one yet!

Why it is important to do fun things in the summer with kids

First of all, it helps kids be more creative! When they are engaged in art or science experiments, their minds have to problem solve and come up with new solutions. This is really important because it helps them stay ahead of the curve when back at school!

It can help with boredom and keep them occupied. This is especially important during their summer break when school isn’t in session.

It can provide a sense of belonging and help kids feel loved by spending time with them on adventures they will remember forever!

It creates a sense of routine during the summer when their daily schedule changes so much.

It also reduces risk factors for mental health issues like anxiety and depression. When kids spend more time doing things that make them feel good about themselves like being outdoors, they are less likely to feel down.

Lastly, summer is a good time for parents and kids to spend together without distractions like school or homework. This means there will be more quality family time! A Summer Bucket List can really make a difference.

Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

Visit somewhere awesome!

We love road trips! One of our favorite road trips is to go to Door County Wisconsin. It is a really scenic area on the shores of Lake Michigan. I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful colors we will find this time around! I actually spent over a quarter of my Wisconsin Chapter in the Midwest Road Trip Adventures book talking about the Door County Coastal Byway! It really is a great book for ANY road trip in the Midwest – SOOO many different amazing ideas. You can make a Summer Bucket List of road trips for several years with it!

Link to purchase 100 Things WI book

Summer is an outstanding season for camping in much of the United States! A fun way to tie in nature and try something new with the kids is to try birdwatching. I read this guide about birdwatching while camping and am excited to see which birds we find next time we head out into the woods. Don’t forget to make your own bug spray before you head out to camp. This stuff smells great and will keep the bugs away!

No matter where you’re traveling to, check out these summer travel tips from Fun Country Life. Packing a first aid kit is important, but there are many others on the list as well!

The best summer activities for kids are often found inside a national park. You can find one no matter where you are in the country, and they’re affordable because annual passes are always on sale for families with children. I found this list of National Parks to visit and have already added a few more to our list.

13 Great Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

Eat something awesome!

I love how summer lends to fun picnic and grilling events! Sometimes my family will have a picnic with hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings. If we are feeling more adventurous than usual, I might change up our summer cuisine to include something like this recipe for Dr Pepper Glazed Salmon on A Cedar Plank that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

For a quick, healthy breakfast or snack on the go, try this simple and refreshing blue smoothie bowl recipe. The kids will enjoy making their own, adding fruits and granola, and of course, everyone loves the fact that it’s blue! 🙂 

A little indulgence never hurt anyone, but during the summer months, we’re going to want something a little sweeter. Here are some fun summer desserts you must try!

We all love donuts, but they can get expensive, so why not make them at home? This is a great donut recipe that your kids will enjoy making and eating. They’re inexpensive to make and you can customize them with different toppings (chocolate chips, sprinkles). You’ll be able to get creative while satisfying those sweet cravings!

Do your kids love blueberries? Mine does! This delicious cast iron blueberry crisp is perfect for summer. You can use fresh or frozen blueberries to create that sweet and tart taste we crave so much during these warmer months.

Time for BBQ! Bringing a dish? These crowd-pleasers are sure to get you invited again and again.

What’s more classic than potato salad? This dish is the perfect side for any summer cookout or picnic. Not only is it easy to make, but it also tastes great! Make this simple red potato salad that will be sure to impress your friends and family.

Kids are always asking for a drink, and of course, they want fun drinks, not just water. I love these lemonade shooters. You can make them with or without alcohol. Yum! Perfect for any get-together and a perfect addition to your Summer Bucket List.

Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

Make something awesome!

To add some excitement to these long, warm weekends, try these fun crafts and activities with the kids.

Looking for a quiet day inside, because it’s raining or maybe it’s just too hot? I love hands-on activities like making playdough without flour.

Each of these film canister rockets cost less than a dollar to make. Gather your tools and head outside to build a popsicle catapult! This easy DIY project is fun for the whole family!

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Do you have a child who loves playing outside? Make beautiful flower painted rocks that will be sure to brighten up any day! All it takes is some paint, water, and rocks. You can use different colors depending on the look or theme of the rock or just one color if simplicity is what you’re after.

Glow in the dark bowling is a fun way to spend time with your family. Glow sticks and water bottles are all you need to play this super fun game with your kids. Playing it indoors or outdoors changes the experience, but get creative. Set up an obstacle course for even more challenge and excitement!

Make some plans!

Now, to help you get things rolling, I have a complete Summer Boredom Busters pack for you.

13 Great Summer Bucket List Activities to do with Kids

You can use these as back up ideas – all you need to do it print them out and pop them into a jar after you cut them out. Just get your free download here:

Summer is a great time to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend quality time with your family. It’s also an opportunity for some much-needed downtime, but we can never get enough of summer fun! Sometimes it’s difficult trying to figure out what activities are best for our kids at different ages or stages, so I hope these ideas have been helpful.

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