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How To Beat The Summer Heat Without Spending Too Much

How To Beat The Summer Heat Without Spending Too Much

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How To Beat The Summer Heat Without Spending Too Much? If you’re looking for a way to beat the summer heat without spending too much money, then this article is right up your alley. We’ll be discussing some of the best ways that you can stay cool and comfortable all while staying within your budget.

How To Beat The Summer Heat Without Spending Too Much

The easiest and most obvious option to beat the summer heat is to invest in an air conditioning unit. However, if you would prefer to keep your costs down, there are lots of ways to cool down without spending too much. These creative ways of beating the heat will keep both your costs and your temperature down.

Buy Two Fans

A cheaper alternative to an air conditioning unit, table fans cost under $20 and are portable, light, and easy to transport. The trick is to buy two fans, then position them across a room, facing in opposite directions to create a cross draft. When the fans are set to high speed, they circulate air and create a cooling breeze.

How do fans work? They create a cooling breeze by blowing air from one side of the room to the other. The fan’s movement creates low pressure on that side, drawing cool air in and higher pressure on the opposite end, pushing warm air out.

This technique is perfect for people who live in apartments or condos because it won’t take up a lot of space and it’s also easy to store away for the winter.

Neck fans are great too! You can usually find them at the local Dollar Tree. For a buck.

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Close The Blinds

Most of the heat in a room is caused by the sun’s rays during the day. To reduce the heat, block the sun out during the day. Close the windows and the blinds in the hottest hours, opening them only at night when you need to.

How does that work? Closing the blinds in summer reduces heat and glare by blocking direct sunlight. It’s as simple as that!

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Make Your Own Cold Water Bottle

The opposite of a hot water bottle, a cold water bottle helps to lower the ambient temperature in a localized area. Use a plastic bottle, fill it with water, and freeze. When ice forms, wrap the bottle in a plastic bag to stop leakage and place it in the bed with you.

Why does it work? Placing a frozen water bottle in bed with you will lower the temperature of the surrounding air. It really works faster than you might think it would.

The best places to put an ice pack on your body to cool down are under the arm, on your stomach, and behind your neck.

How does that work? The ice pack is placed in areas of high body temperature – such as a person’s armpit or cheek – to cool those places down. This also helps regulate body heat with an added bonus of pain relief!

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Try cooling Towels

One item that I love for warm weather is cooling towels. You can actually find them at places like your local Dollar Tree! I found the same exact brand that was listed on Amazon for $9 at the Dollar Tree for a dollar.

All you do is wet them with water – it doesn’t even have to be cold as it will cool itself. The downfall is you do have to use water to activate it and it does dry out so you do have to put it in the water again to reactivate it but they are a lifesaver and can keep you cool if you are out and about when the heat hits you.

Take Lukewarm Showers

The summer heat may tempt you to take ice-cold showers, but this actually increases temperature as your body tries to compensate for the loss of heat. Instead, take lots of lukewarm showers during the day – it will reduce the heat and make you feel cleaner, better, and cooler.

How does that work? Taking lots of lukewarm showers during the day will reduce heat, help you feel cleaner and cooler, and your skin may even appear more radiant. This is because cold water causes surface blood vessels to contract while warm or hot water opens them up. The result is rosy cheeks!

It’s as simple as that!

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How to beat the summer heat: Drink Up

To keep cool and hydrated, drink lots of cold fresh juices or iced teas, both of which will help beat the heat. You can press your own juices or make up a big jug of cold iced tea to keep in the fridge. Quench your thirst and cool down with liberal doses of cold drinks.

What is the best thing to drink when hot?

The best things to drink in summer are ice-cold drinks like fresh juices, cold teas, and chilled water. Drinking lots of these will help keep your stomach full and cool you down too.

How does that work? Drinking lots of cold liquids will not only quench thirst but also help you stay hydrated. This is because there are more receptors in the mouth that send signals of thirst to the brain than in other parts of the body.

If water is the best thing to drink and you don’t like water try infusing it with different fruits and veggies. The most popular ideas are cucumber, mint leaves, and lemon.

Drink your Gatorade

Drinking your Gatorade may sound gross but if you’re really hot and don’t like to drink cold water or iced tea, try drinking some Gatorade. Gatorade is a sports drink that contains electrolytes, water, sugar, and flavorings. It also has some nutrients which are good for you like potassium. Gatorade helps beat the heat by being hydrating while giving an energy boost!

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Go Outdoors

Spend your days outdoors, preferably in a wide-open park or at a breezy beach. The outdoors is free and is usually cooler than being stuck indoors in a stuffy room. Stay in the shade and make sure you wear loose, flowing clothing that will shield your skin from the sun’s harsh heat.

Another item that I really love in the warm weather is long sleeve fishing t-shirts. The shirts are breathable and keep you cool and protected in the warm weather

Mist Yourself

All you need for a basic air conditioner is a spray or mist bottle. Fill this up with peppermint cold water and mist yourself and your surroundings when it gets too hot. The cold water on your skin will cool you down as it evaporates into the air. The Dollar Tree is your friend again for this as you can pick up spray bottles of a variety of sizes for just a buck.

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Follow these tips and be prepared for any summer weather. The most important thing is being hydrated so drink lots of fluids, especially cold ones like water or ice-cold drinks. Stay out in the fresh air as much as you can but when you have to be indoors, try and keep it as cool as possible.

Now that you know how to beat the summer heat without spending too much money on a heavy air conditioning system or high-priced cold drinks, there’s no excuse for being uncomfortable in this hot weather!

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