My Hamtastic Ham Meal Plan to Try

My Hamtastic Ham Meal Plan to Try

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I mentioned before that grocery stores have selling cycles for their meat…depending on the store, it runs 6, 7, or 8 weeks before they repeat. If you don’t believe me, you can save the weekly ads for your store of choice and check them out yourself. When you see Ham on sale, you can replicate my hamtastic ham meal plan that we are about to dig into.

My Hamtastic Ham Meal Plan to Try

HOW does this knowledge help you? it can cut the amount you spend on meat by 50-70%! Let me show you how.

What is a Ham Meal Plan?

A ham meal plan typically refers to a dietary plan or menu that includes ham as a featured ingredient in multiple dishes. This type of meal plan is often used when someone has leftover ham from a larger meal, such as a holiday dinner, and wants to find creative ways to use the leftover ham in various meals throughout the week. The goal is to minimize food waste and enjoy the flavors of ham in different recipes.

A ham meal plan might include dishes like ham and cheese omelets for breakfast, ham and bean soup for lunch, a ham and vegetable stir-fry for dinner, and a ham and cheese sandwich for a quick snack. The specific recipes and meals included in the plan can vary based on personal preferences and dietary restrictions.

Ham meal plans can be a practical and cost-effective way to make the most of leftover ham, ensuring that it doesn’t go to waste and providing a variety of tasty meals over the course of several days. It allows for versatility in the kitchen and an opportunity to experiment with different flavor combinations while incorporating the delicious taste of ham into each dish.

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When to stock up for your ham meal plan:

Easter is this weekend, no surprise if you have been watching the calendar — but Ham is the hot sale item of the week. Most stores will have a deal where it runs about $.88 a pound versus the normal $3-5! Don’t just look at this week while you are making the grocery list — plan ahead a little as it freezes beautifully!

First of all, I prefer a bone-in ham. That ham bone, when boiled down makes a fantastic base for soups like bean or split pea. That flavor simply can not be created with a soup base! My Easter hams (we cook 2-3 ‘cuz we have a large family) will all be bone-in and then the bones will be frozen after any excess meat is trimmed off.

I like a couple of no-bone hams to prep for future meals. Most stores, if they have a deli inside them, will take the ham and cut it for you – no extra charge. I usually get 3-5 hams.

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What to do for your ham meal plan:

Ham steaks – take TWO hams and have them make nice half-inch slices that are easy to pan fry for a quick supper or great for a brunch. For one of the hams, you will dice the slices when you get home, package them in 2 cup portions, and freeze. You now have diced ham ready for omelets, to add to soups, to add to scalloped potatoes, and more!

Sandwiches – take one ham and have it sliced a little thinner and trim it to English Muffin size for those quick and easy ham/egg/cheese sandwiches…or great for lunch meat!

Shaved – take one ham and have them shave half of it thin. This is great for everything from wrapping around fresh asparagus (deeply discounted right now too!) and baking to making appetizers where you spread cream cheese on it and wrap it around a dill pickle spear and slice. Keep in mind that Deli shaved at the store is usually $4.99 a pound!

Grind it – This is where you use the other half of the ham that the deli didn’t shave! One of my favorite and SUPER easy to make is this sandwich spread: coarsely grind up 1# of ham and dump in a large bowl. Then grind up 1/2 # of cheddar cheese and add to that same bowl, then grind 1 large jar of Milwaukee Dill or Sweet pickles (drained first) and add to that bowl.

Grab a spatula and stir all three items to evenly combine. You can either freeze this mix to finish later or go right ahead and stir in Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise until it is the consistency you like. It is a very flavorful and easy sandwich spread that even doubles as an appetizer in a pinch when put on crackers!

I gave you the ratio, it is SOOOOO easy to make double, and triple batches, and freeze, but you must only freeze the mix before you add the white stuff…it won’t freeze well if you have the white stuff already added.

Dice it – Having some ham on hand that is already diced makes for quick additions to a quiche, soup, or casserole.

Ham Meal Plan

Just look – we have ham ready for Easter and added 4 hams to the freezer, all ready for future meals. I find the average ham is 4 that is 16 pounds of ham/meat for $14.08 instead of (at $4/#) $64.00 — you saved at least $50!!

My store has an 8-week cycle which means ham will be on sale only six times this year…six times, saving $50 = another $300 plus saved in a year!

Ham dinner – ham and eggs – soups – scalloped potatoes with ham – omelets – egg sandwiches – lunch meat – ham mornay – ham and asparagus bundles (topped with hollandaise sauce!) – ham pickle roll-ups – sandwich spread – canapes and ore for just $14.

What do you like to do with ham? Share with us!

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Meal Planning FAQs

  1. What is meal planning?
    • Meal planning is the process of deciding in advance what meals you’ll eat over a specific period, typically for a week or a month. It involves choosing recipes, creating a shopping list, and organizing your meals to meet your dietary and nutritional goals.
  2. Why is meal planning important?
    • Meal planning helps you save time and money, reduce food waste, eat healthier, and make better food choices. It also allows for greater variety in your diet and can help you stick to dietary restrictions or goals.
  3. How do I start meal planning?
    • Begin by setting clear goals and preferences, such as dietary restrictions, budget, and the number of meals per day. Then, choose recipes, create a shopping list, and schedule cooking times based on your availability.
  4. How often should I meal plan?
    • The frequency of meal planning can vary based on your lifestyle. Many people plan their meals weekly, while others plan bi-weekly or monthly. Choose a schedule that works best for you.
  5. How do I handle leftovers in my meal plan?
    • Incorporating leftovers into your meal plan is a great way to reduce food waste. You can plan for leftover nights or use them creatively in new dishes.

Meal planning is a versatile and customizable approach to achieving your dietary and nutritional goals, and it can greatly enhance your overall eating experience.

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    • I forgot to mention — if you are buying a bone-in ham, most deli’s can’t slice it. You have to go to their butcher counter and have them do it, but they can usually only do a 1/2 inch or larger.

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