52 Week Money Challenge!

One of the things I hear the most often from people is: ¬†HOW can I save up money when it takes everything we have (practically) to keep going right now? Simple: Small Steps. Whether you are trying to build your emergency fund, stick money into your kiddo’s college fund or even pop cash into your own retirement, this is a […]

We Can’t Afford That…..

Miss Sarah and I saw the move Judy Moodie: Not So Bummer Summer the other day with the Kids Rule summer film series for $2 and one thing jumped out at me: When Judy was asking her Mom to go here….do this…..do that, the reply was “We can’t afford that”. Being a fruglaista – I like to think of myself […]

Why Investing in Microfiber Towels Saves Money!

Penny Pincher Tupperware parties are becoming a hot item for hosts to choose from – it’s a simple demo where I show them how they can save over $3,000 a year, painlessly. Tupperware has the right tools to help with this – like our Fridgesmart Set that can save the average family of four over $600 a year in produce […]