Why Investing in Microfiber Towels Saves Money!

Why Investing in Microfiber Towels Saves Money!

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Penny Pincher Tupperware parties are becoming a hot item for hosts to choose from – it’s a simple demo where I show them how they can save over $3,000 a year, painlessly. Tupperware has the right tools to help with this – like our Fridgesmart Set that can save the average family of four over $600 a year in produce waste…What if I could help you save over $125 a year in just paper? Paper that ends up in the garbage because it can only be used one time. That is why investing in Microfiber Towels saves money and trees!

tupperware microfiber towels and saving money

Why Investing in Microfiber Towels Saves Money!

The buzzword right now is “Microfiber”.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is an incredibly thin fiber made from blending polyester and polyimide. This combination is woven into an incredibly soft, absorbent, and durable product that is perfect for cleaning and polishing. Unlike the rounded fibers of ordinary cloths like cotton, our microfibers are split 16 times, creating wedges all around that draw dirt, oil and liquid into the core of the fiber.

How do microfiber towels work?

I was curious as to how these gems work so well and let you clean just about anything with just water or a little elbow grease. I hit “explainganyyhing.com” to get a little more information on what makes it work.

The cloth is made by forcing the plastics through a tiny pipe and heating them so they weave together. These fused fibers are then split apart into microfibers 10–20 times smaller. … Cloths describes as “microfiber” can vary widely in the size of the fibers they use and therefore in their cleaning effectiveness.

So, by having to many smaller parts to the cloth means it can pick up the tiniest bits of dirt or grease and trap it inside itself.

How Microfiber Towels Save You Money

If you have a good set of microfiber towels – you can use them, and use them, and use them over and over again. Simply wash them in between uses and you never have to buy a paper towel again! Those paper towels add up — the average family of 4 spends about $125 a year, just to toss into the garbage!

The average set of good microfiber towels? $20 or less. You have just saved $105 in your first year — now make that 10 years of savings: $1,355 AND, you just saved a tree!

See how easy this saving stuff is?

Are Microfiber Towels Ecofriendly?

The answer is complicated. While they are made from plastics in such a way that they can’t be recycled, they do tend to last up to ten times longer than standard cleaning towels. Technically they fall into the “Micro-plastics” category and there is a debate on if they leech chemicals into the water when being cleaned themselves. Our tip? Don’t use hot water.

All towels are not created equal, so if you choose to invest in microfiber towels, then make sure you get a tried and tested brand. That is why I loved the Tupperware towels: If Tupperware is going to whip up something that is already in the market, they try to make it better than what is already out there. Being plastics specialists, they rock out the Microfiber line!

How to Care for Your Microfiber

We mentioned not washing them in hot water, but besides that? Avoid using fabric softener when you run a cycle. Fabric softener coats the fabric and makes them actually pick up less when cleaning than they should. I would also suggest washing them as little as possible. They really do trap the dirt inside their little clutches and can be used a lot longer before washing than you would with a non-microfiber towel.

Tupperware Microfiber Towels

Where to get Good Microfiber Towels

If you are looking to invest, in these re-usable gems, May I suggest the ones from Tupperware? You get a set of two for just $21, and their microfiber Kitchen Towel is superior to others for drying dishes, pots, and pans.

That’s because it absorbs up to eight times its weight in water, as it also helps you to reduce your paper towel waste and protect the environment from refuse. The colors change over the years, but it is currently a collection in the Crushed Raspberry and Mint Ice Cream. Add in the fact that there is a 30-day Warranty, and you certainly get the bang for your buck.

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