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operation40k goals
I am a firm believer that goals are like a road map — Let’s say you want to take a vacation: do you just hop in the car and start driving? A rare few do, while most of us make a plan. We figure out a destination, how we are going to get there and what we need along the way. 

A goal is like that!
  1. What do you want to accomplish?
  2. How will you make it happen?
  3. What do you need to make it a reality?
See- just like a map for your future. =)
If you haven’t taken time to make a few goals for this coming year — I invite you to do it today! You can learn more about goals, and how to set them, HERE.
As the year winds down, it is good to take a look at what your goals for the year were, and see how you did.I had mine broken down into segments: Health, Family, Home, Education, Business, Finance, Religious/Giving — so bear with me and my 2014 Goals.Health:
This is an ongoing upswing of better habits for us — We have scaled down red meat, and meat in general. We have also cut back on processed foods, unless I am the one who processed them. Gone are the things high in nitrates and preservatives. I have been cut out of two major vehicle accidents and have arthritis, fibromyalgia, TMJ, Post Traumatic Stress, Degenerative Disc and Chronic Migraines — taking VERY little medication for any of it

  • Loose 36# (I did 35 pounds last year with my restrictions)
  • Drink plenty of water daily **Free chart printable coming for us all
  • MOVE every day, be it walking, etc
  • Move to eliminate canned goods, unless I am the one who canned them – cleaner eating!

It’s easier to make a meal plan when you have a great shopping planner — here is a free one for you

Operation40k-grocery-shopping-list-fillget it here: Operation40k-grocery-shopping-list

 Family: The same as last year

  • A vacation this year, just the 3 of us (we usually have my folks or his dad along…)
  • Make Sarah’s “down” day of the week special – that is Friday’s.
  • A monthly Date Night with my husband (I have really planned this one out as it “fell thru the cracks” half the time last year. Life got in the way when family members died, his dad was sick, summer was over scheduled, etc) His birthday is in January — just wait until you see his gift!


  • Keep packing for the eventual move – the things we don’t really need right NOW. I really need to attack the basement
  • Get stuff ready for the May Garage Sale – decluttering and freeing ourselves of excess


  • Finish stairwell project (floor and door) – gotta hit up the ReStore for a new door
  • Paint living room (going to a beige from the green on green “bag paint”
  • Install new dishwasher (It’s been sitting in my garage for 8 years….) 
  • Install new bathroom vanity (It’s been in the basement for 5 years…)
  • Get Pink Plastic Tile off the bathroom walls


For Miss Sarah:

    • Piano Lessons
    • Ballet Lessons
    • Tap Lessons
    • Gymnastics
    • Sunday School
    • Summer Science Camp (Camp Invention)
    • Enter the Science Fair
    • Travel the world lessons – learn about 26 countries *lessons planned out and shared with y’all

For me: I tried this last year and simply didn’t get to it — so I will tackle one of these each month:

  • January – Make Bagels
  • February – Make Mozzarella 
  • March – Make Soap
  • April – Make Tortillas
  • May –  Get a Foodsaver and Prep Crock Pot Meals
  • June – Make Yogurt in the crock pot
  • July – Can Potatoes
  • August – Make Onion Soup Mix from dehydrated veggies
  • September – Can Apple Pie Filling
  • October – Can Potatoes
  • November – Can Chicken
  • December – Make Lefse

Read 100 books — I do one educational/motivational and then one trash. Repeat.


  • Finish writing book 2 that I have outlined
  • Teach 2 classes a month, at libraries, etc. (In addition to Smart Money Week lectures and book 1 promotional junket)
  • Have 5 Scrapbooking Crops in Madison (great way for me to relax while getting handmade gifts completed)
  • Tweak a few blog things: I have the 10 recipes a month as part of the blogger food challenge group, am adding more product reviews/giveaways, a cooking school 101 series, and more free printable seasonal/organizational/fun content.
  • Write at least 10 posts for Wisconsin Parent
  • Bump my assistant’s hours us (let’s see if Laura is reading this)

Finance: Miss Sarah has a fully funded college savings so we will no longer be adding to that.

  • $10,000 more in retirement
  • $2,000 for a vacations
  • $1,440 for annual grocery budget ***An increase of $20 a month, our first increase in 5 years. I am planning a lot more canning this year and want organic produce. This allows for that as I normally get frozen veggies for pennies with coupon/sales.
  • $5,000 for our church (includes donations to our church missions)
  • Spend the money for a house cleaner every two weeks — I simply have problems doing things like scrubbing the floors with my arthritis. This will also free up more of my time. I DO have cleaning worksheets to delegate/share the general household chores and keep the time minimal so we can create more memory moments. Get it here: TidyCleanPdf

Here is a SIMPLE plan to help you save money — 52_week_money_challenge_op40k


  • Get better prepping Miss Sarah for Sunday School lessons – we know in advance the bible verse referenced, it needs to be in her head before class
  • Frequent fellowship with church members
  • Keep the Blessing Bag Ministry Going
  • Homeless Book Club Ministry
  • Keep donating to the food pantry
  • School kits for Luther World Relief
  • Ring Bells for Salvation Army
  • Operation Shoebox
  • Giving Tree
  • Donate Book Profits to Guatemalan Children’s Mission and Madison Homeless Mission

That about sums up our goal list — I hope you didn’t find it too boring…but it is that kind of a list of Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Time Sensitive kinds of things that need to be listed

**Keep in mind some years our goals were to pay things off (car, credit card, house, doctor bills) …tuck away adoption money…etc. Life is a work in progress — and you have to look at where you are now, and go from there.

Here is a FREE list for you to make your own set of goals —

2014ResolutionPlanner  Get it here: 2014_New_Year_Resolution_-_Red_&_Green

Blessings –


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