Awesome Thrift Store Finds For Craft Projects

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Awesome Thrift Store Finds For Craft Projects

Craft supplies can be so pricey! This is where your fugal thinking comes into play. Go craft supply shopping at thrift stores. If you’ve spent even just 20 minutes on Pinterest, you’ll see that there are literally thousands of tutorials on how to revamp and reuse anything you find secondhand. Who doesn’t want to save money and craft more?! Here are some awesome thrift store finds for crafting that are usually found at killer prices.

Actual craft items  –  Even though this might be obvious to some, you can score some awesome deals on things like yarn, paint, embroidery hoops, aida cloth, fabric, knitting needles and crochet hooks. If you can’t ever have enough crafting supplies, then hit up a thrift store!

Sheets and pillow cases  –  Fabric can be really pricy, this is when you should flex that creative muscle. there are tons of cute patterns, prints, and colors on bedding. Reuse bedding that’s still in good shape to make anything from bags to clothes!

Dishes of all kinds  –  There are tons of ideas on what you can make from old dishes. What kind of dishes you need is up to whatever your project is. Glass or ceramic plates and bowls come in a vast number of colors and patterns, all of which would be great to smash and use for mosaics. Tea cups with saucers are cool for everything from candle holders to bird feeders. Skip paying oodles of money on fancy wooden bowls when you can get them second hand for a fraction of the cost. Then you can break out the paint, color block them, and enjoy your gorgeous DIY handy work.

Clothes  –  It doesn’t matter if it’s too big, too small, or not even your style; you can use it! If you’re really good at sewing clothes, try challenging yourself to buying something you would never wear and make it into something fresh and gorgeous that you never want to take off. T-shirts and mens button up shirts both transform into neat baby bibs after a run through a sewing machine. Why not make t-shirt yarn? Just like bedding, clothes are fabric and that makes the possibilities on what you can do with them, endless.

Ceramic figures  –  You know you’ve seen these – weird kitschy creatures that look like they’re straight out of the 60s or 70s. Time to bust out the paint and make them your own! Spray paint them a solid color for a modern decor vibe. Or if you’re feeling artistic, completely refresh the critter’s look with a whole new paint job.

Just about anything in a thrift store can be part of your craft or DIY projects. With a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, you’ll see that thrift stores and secondhand stores are really just your personal craft stores.