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Attracting Birds to a New Feeder

Attracting Birds to a New Feeder

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If you’re  having a hard time getting birds to come to your recently installed feeder, the first step is to be patient. It takes the birds in your area a few days to notice the new food source. If, after that time,  they still can’t find the new feeder, here are some steps to take to make it as noticeable as possible.

Choose the Right Feeder

There are many different types of bird feeders, available in a variety of shapes and designs. Some have features that make them more attractive to birds than others. Choosing one with multiple perches or feeding platforms allows birds to feel like they have plenty of space to stop and eat. Also, consider using some kind of mount or shepherds hook with extra space for birds to perch on so they have a place to land and scope out their surroundings.

Pick the Perfect Spot

The location of your feeder has a major impact on whether or not birds visit frequently. If you already have feeders on your property, you may want to place the new one in close proximity. Situate your feeder near a bush or brush pile so the birds have a place to hide if they get spooked. This will make your feathered friends more comfortable with sticking around your feeder.

Fill It With the Right Seed

Different species of birds favor different seeds. Make sure to fill your feeder with seeds that birds in your area like to eat. Both thistle and black oil sunflower seeds are popular with birds and are great choices for attracting them to a new feeder. It doesn’t hurt t spread out a bit seeds either on top of the feeder or on the ground nearby to help the birds notice their tasty snack.

Don’t get discouraged if you still don’t see birds at your feeder. It typically takes time for birds to feel comfortable enough to check out your new feeder, especially if you have cats. Just be patient and you’ll be frequently refilling your feeder before you know it.

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