7 Things to Always Buy New

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disclaimer: While this is a sponsored post, the thoughts are mine. I am all about bargain shopping, but there are just some things that should never be purchased used in my opinion. This handy little list are the top 7 things to always buy new.

7 Things to Always Buy New

Here is my list of seven things that you should always buy new:

Baby Car Seats.
This is my number one insistence for a new purchase only item. Why trust your most important asset to an unknown certainty? NEVER buy a used car seat. Car Seats have an expiration date and in addition, if they are ever in any kind of accident, they are not to be used again, because their safety features can fail.  The problem is that you cannot tell if a car seat has been in an accident before, so you are better off buying these brand new rather than taking a chance. If you don’t believe me, read more about Car Seat Safety Checks HERE thanks to Cars.com. They cover it all beautifully and have a ton of additional information.

For me this is mostly the yuck factor.  I do not want to put my foot into a shoe that another foot has sweated in.  YUCK.  Ok, now that we are over the yuck part, many health professionals also suggest never buying used shoes because shoes, after wear, mold to the foot of the person who wore them before, which is going to be different from yours.  This can not only lead to discomfort, but also to injury if you are buying athletic or running shoes.

Helmets (All helmets).
Whatever you are buying the helmet for (bicycling, skateboards, motorcycles, scooters, etc), it is imperative to not buy used helmets.  Even minor damage such as little dings or scratches can actually make the safety features of the helmet fail in an emergency.

Eww, just eew.  Hats are very difficult to clean which means that your bargain purchase could mean that you are buying a lice reserve to bring into your home.  Nope, those have got to be new.

Vacuum Cleaners.
Vacuums are one of the most used appliances in a home and they do wear out after so much use.  If someone is getting rid of their vacuum, it’s likely because they have used it a lot and they have upgraded to a brand new one.  Even if it works great when you first buy it, chances are, it won’t last long.

Baby Cribs.
This is another one that is just unsafe.  Lots of baby cribs have had recalls in the past 10 years or so and chances are, if you are buying used, you don’t have the original paperwork that comes with it, therefore you will have no idea if yours is a recalled one.  Also, toddlers tend to be rough on their cribs, wearing down the hardware, which can lead to failure.  There are some things far more important than saving a buck.  Your baby is one of those things.

Mattresses and Bedding.
You could also add upholstered furniture to this list. First two words that come to mind: Bed Bugs. I have a friend who got a Craigslist sofa set and the bed bugs were so bad that they even had to throw out their Christmas Tree. You don’t want to know how bad her little boys were bitten up either. Odors can also be persistent through multiple doses of Febreeze. You really don’t want to do a “black light” test either. Trust me and just pony up for these items new.

Can you think of anything we missed?

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