Tips for Saving Money at Aldis

Tips for Saving Money at Aldis

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Tips for Saving Money at Aldis

Aldi’s is a great place to find fresh groceries at a great price. If you have shopped Aldis in the past, you probably already know this. But did you know that there are still ways to save even more money while shopping there? Take a look below at some helpful tips for saving money at Aldi’s grocery stores. When you follow these tips, you can really fill that grocery cart for less!

1. Take your own bags.
When you take your own grocery bags, you won’t need to pay for theirs. This can save you an extra dollar or two per trip. Take your own bags that are big and sturdy and pack up your food for less.

2. Check the end caps.
The end caps often contain sale or reduced for quick sale items. Always check the end caps for sales and specials and snag an additional deal or two. You can also find clearance items on rolling carts placed near the frozen food aisles. Items will vary but typically you can find some real deals.

3. Get on their mailing list.
Aldi’s sends out the occasional coupon, sometimes as much as $10 off a $25 purchase. Be sure you visit their website and sign up for their mailing list. This is a great way to not only get coupons but get notified of upcoming sales as well.

4. Buy their brand.
Buy the generic Aldi brand as opposed to any name brands that are offered. This will always save you a considerable amount and the quality is just as good. Their store brand cheese comes from Sargento and they have beyond great prices on their gluten free line.

5. Check out their website for savings.
Aldi always posts their weekly sales and specials on their website. Be sure to check it out each week so you can plan your shopping list and menus according to these sale prices.

6. Shop on Wednesdays when possible.
Wednesdays is when Aldi’s offers its weekly meat specials. Swing in on Wednesdays and see what the special is so you can take advantage of it. Even if you can’t use the item that week, you can always buy it and freeze it for later.

7. Shop the day before your Aldis ad changes over.
If they overbought on the weekly sales specials, they will have great clearance prices. I have gotten broccoli crowns for $0.15/# Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for under $0.90/#.

8. Stop in often.
The inventory of Aldi’s changes often and you never know what unadvertised items will show up. Make a habit of swinging in often to see the deals that are to be had.

You can really get more groceries for your budget when you shop at Aldi. Give these tips a try the next time you shop and save!


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