The Birthday Party.

The Birthday Party.

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I had everything ready for a Princess Party this summer…as I shared here.


It makes more sense to shelf that for a year and go with a Dinosaur Party this year, as I have a JR. Paleontologist.

She was all excited about the Princess Party, but I gave her a choice: Princess or Dinosaur.

She didn’t even pause a second and picked the Therapods. (That is a two legged walking, long tail, carnivore with three toed feet, like a T-Rex for those of you that aren’t educated by a four year old like I am).

The Princess Party will keep – nothing will perish…now plans for a fun party in three months, that will included her entire class at school, instead of just the gals.

I have a few ideas coming to mind:

1) A welcome sign that looks like the Jurassic Park ones, but it says Jurassic Party.
2) A Volcano Punch and Dinosaur Cake
3) A fossil Dig in the sandbox – complete with little shovels and brushes
4) A Pterodactyl nest with eggs – that will act as “goody bags”, filled with mini dinos and temporary tattoos.
5) A photo wall – and the photo will be mailed to them as a thank you note

I have the Dinosaur Cricut Cartridge (which makes sense to my scrapbooking friends)…and will use that for the invites and the cake.

I have an “arch” to make, a nest and sand to purchase…as our sandbox is currently a ball pit, LOL!

I am even tempted to dress her like Pebbles from the Flintstones…bone in the hair and all!

I really do think that this is a better fit for her right now, and I know it will be a hit with her classmates as “Dinosaur Train” is so popular with the 3-6 year old crowd, thanks to PBS.

At least that Cricut Cartridge will make it easy to scrapbook later – I make and 8×8 album every year about her birthday party.

I will share details as I get things done – I fully expect the whole thing to come in at under $50! (Not including the cost of the pictures and mailing the thank you notes).

What kind of birthday parties do you have planned this year?

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