The Gig Economy: Sorting Out the Pros and Cons for Workers

Let’s talk about the gig economy today. When COVID slammed into all of us, things changed dramatically in tons of different ways. Places closed and people were laid off. Schools and daycares closed and at least one parent had to stay home to take care of the kids. Closures led to more closures in a trickle-down effect that rippled through […]

How to Make Money From Hobbies That You Enjoy

Make money from hobbies? There are many people who have a dream of someday being their own boss. They hear about online entrepreneurs and think of how great it would be until they actually get started and find that following in the exact footsteps of the people they learn from isn’t much different from being in a corporation. That’s because […]

How I Made $200 a Day From my Couch

I am not a huge person to promote things – they have to be something I LOVE. Something I have tried. Something that I think works. I made $200 a day from my couch in November and December because of one thing: an Esty course I took. How I Made $200+ a Day From my Couch While a lot of […]