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20 Great Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

20 Great Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

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Nothing beats side income. That little “something” you make on the side could just be the deciding factor in whether you could put leather seats on your new car or you could only afford to get your loved one $250 headphones. In 2022, making this little “something on the side” is as easy as having a smartphone, data connection and some of your time. These are 20 apps to make money from your phone.

NOTE: These apps listed below won’t make you rich any time soon, but they will make you that luxury money that will allow you to spoil yourself a little.

20 Apps To Make Money From Your Phone

1. iPoll

This app is available on all platforms (iOS and Android), there is no sign-up bonus, and you will receive alerts when you are qualified to take a paid survey. You could also review customer products, be a secret shopper, or test adverts.

For every survey, mission or task completed, you will earn rewards that are to be redeemed as gift cards, or they can be cashed out using PayPal. You only need to have made $10 to do so. Another advantage: You’re automatically registered into a quarterly sweepstake to win $10,000 cash.

2. Swagbucks

Available for iOS and Android, this app offers a $10 sign-up bonus, which means your very first action starts to earn you a little something on the side.

Although Swagbucks is a rather casual way to earn side money, as they offer games and videos as means to earn points while waiting in line for a task, this one will give you notifications when you’re eligible to take surveys or complete other paid tasks. Points can be redeemed as gift cards or as cash via PayPal.

3. Foap

Available on iOS and Android. If you love snapping photos on your smartphone, then Foap is just perfect for you. Foap gives you the opportunity to make money by selling your photos to brands and individuals all around the world. There is no sign-up bonus. Every sale earns you $5 or more possibly up to $100. Foap allows you to cash out your earnings via PayPal.

4. Musely

Musely is an online marketplace app for beauty and home care products; it’s also a social platform for women to communicate and receive healthy lifestyle advice and tips on parenting, skincare, fitness etcetera.

To start earning, you have to become a “Muse” (an influencer) on the site, create your store and earn a 20 percent commission on sales of the products you refer.

20 Great Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

5. Money App

MoneyApp is available for iOS and Android. It is a research app that gives you rewards for completed tasks such as offering opinions, playing games, browsing store displays, secret shopping, testing services, and taking part in free trials. You first open an account on the Money App and start to complete tasks and accumulate rewards, which you can redeem as cash using a PayPal account.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

This is available on Android only. It is a survey app that gets you surveys on an average of once a week. On this app, you get rewards that you can be redeemed on the Google App store. The surveys are generally short and includes things such as rating different ads.

7. Surveys On the Go

This app is available on Android. It is a survey app that allows you to set up your profile and take part in paid surveys. Also, there is a $5 sign-up bonus. It also allows you to review movies or TV shows for redeemable points. You’ll earn your first dollar upon downloading the app.

8. Money Machine

Available on iOS on Android. There is no signup bonus on downloading the app.

This app focuses on surveys but will also let you earn extra money by watching short videos and by completing other small tasks online. The app notifies you when different types of offers are available. The rewards are redeemable to your PayPal account as cash.

9. Sweatcoin

Available on Android. There is no signup bonus.

This app is a fitness app. It records your activity duration, and the rewards are called sweat coins. The digital currency is not redeemable into cash, but they can be spent in the in-app store on various goods and services, or they can be donated to charity as cash. It’s cool because all you have to do to earn cash is go around your typical day walking.

10. Drop

Available on Android

On this app, it is straightforward to earn rewards without having to think too much about it. All you have to do is link the app to your credit and debit cards, start spending as you typically would and earn points by shopping with favored retailers. The points you’ve earned are redeemable as free gift cards.

20 Great Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

11. Task Rabbit

Available on Android.

This app for those that have some spare time on their hands and may be interested in earning cash by completing tasks and running errands locally, if this is you, try out Task Rabbit. You earn money by completing these tasks for your neighbors and cash out your money. Simple. It is an excellent side gig.

12. Ibotta

Available on iOS and Android.

You can use Ibotta when you go shopping and save with cashback or earn points for buying your favorite brands. You also earn cash by syncing your store’s loyalty cards to the app or by sending your receipts to the app after you are done shopping. Cash in your cashback through in the form of gift cards or via PayPal or Venmo

13. Bookscouter

Available on iOS and android

This app allows you to earn cash when you find retail prices for used, old or even new books and textbooks. Snap a picture of the book’s ISBN to scan the barcode, and you’ll see how much the book is worth. You can also create a shipping label for all the books you send to Bookscouter. This is an excellent app if you want to get rid of some books or to cash in on your used textbooks or to shop for valuable books at garage sales and thrift stores which you can sell for a profit.

14. Snapwire

Available on Android and iOS

This here is another app that allows you to make money off your smartphone pics. This photo selling app rewards you with points and allows you to level up as you provide businesses with pictures. You could also create a portfolio and share photos with whomever you want.

15. Decluttr

Decluttr is available on iOS and Android platforms.

If you want to sell specific types of items that you might have lying around the house, then Decluttr is a great way to go. Its primary market is CDs, DVDs, and games. All you need do is snap a picture of the item, and you will get an instant offer. Shipping the item to Decluttr is free, and once the item is sold, in 24hrs you get your money via direct deposit.

20 Great Apps to Make Money From Your Phone

16. Checkout 51

Available on Android

This is a coupon and cashback app. This app allows you to search for coupons and save them before you go shopping. You can then use the app to earn some cashback when you purchase from your favorite brands.

17. Lyft

Available on iOS and Android

Lyft is a taxi and courier service app. To be a Lyft driver, you have to apply. You may install this app and give rides as you go about your day, which is a very easy way to earn some money on the side.

18. Shopkick

Available on android platforms, you can use the Shopkick app in favorite retail stores like Target and Walmart. You also earn points by posting your receipt after you shop. Shopkick points are redeemable as gift cards on Amazon, Target and more.

19. Upwork

Upwork is available on iOS and Android platforms. Upwork is a freelancing app that lets you find gigs online. You can find gigs as a virtual assistant, a writer, a web designer etc. You also get notifications of job openings and more.

20. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is available on Android platforms. This app pays you for viewing ads on your lock screen. You don’t have to interact with the ads to get paid, all you need to do is unlock your phone. You could also complete surveys and redeem cash via PayPal.

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