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Surprisingly Clever Hairspray Hacks

Surprisingly Clever Hairspray Hacks

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If you have a can of hair spray in your bathroom cupboard, make sure to read through this list of clever hairspray hacks! You might be shocked at all of the unique and clever ways you can use hair spray! Forget the backcombing and teasing your hair, transition that hair spray into other great uses like setting your nail polish, removing pen stains from your clothes and more! 

Hairspray is very affordable, and for some reason I end up with multiple cans sitting in my bathroom that never get used. I guess it is an item I always think I need, but really don’t! Regardless of how many cans you have laying around, start using them up with these awesome hair spray tips! 

Awesome Hair Spray Tips and Tricks For Around the Home 

Preserve Flowers 

I have used this trick for years. If you get a bouquet of flowers and want them to last,try this. Spray the undersides of the petals, and then hang flowers upside down to try and then put them back in vase on table. It will make them last longer! Don’t use to much or it can suffocate. 

Protect Curtains 

When you get a set of new curtains, lay them on the floor and spray on layers of hair spray to help protect them. Just do around 3-4 layers, and let them air dry in between. Will help prevent fading and not collect as much dust. 

Polished Shoes 

If you just finished polishing your shoes, keep them looking like new longer. Spray a light even coat of hair spray onto the shoes to help them set the color into your shoes. 

Dry Nail Polish Fast 

Don’t have time to wait forever for your polish to dry? Spray hair spray on your nails and allow it to dry, it will dry them really fast compared to air drying. Just let your nails set for 2 minutes after painting before you spray, or it won’t work. Once it is dry than wash your hands to remove the hair spray. 

Remove Ink or Lipstick from Clothes 

Get lipstick or ink on your favorite top? Spray some hair spray onto the stained area on the garment. Let it set for a few minutes and wipe off, and it should help pull out the stain. Repeat as needed, and then wash as directed. 

PantyHose and Tights 

If you tend to get runs in your pantyhose or tights, spray some hairspray to stop the tearing! Works like a charm! You can also use clear nail polish for this. 

Pet Hair on Furniture 

If you have pets that shed, try this hack! Take a cloth and spray it with hair spray, and then wipe down your furniture. It will attract the hair and it will clean to the cloth, ridding your furniture of pet hair! 

Sticky Label Remover 

Have a container that has a sticker that won’t fully remove, than grab that hairspray! Spray on the area, and let it stand, and then with warm soapy water wash away. Repeat until it removes all residue of the sticker. 

Static Remover 

If you are having issues with static in your clothes, spray a light layer of hair spray on your clothes. It will help reduce static instantly! 

Arts And Crafts 

If your child makes you a beautiful craft, preserve the color by spraying the surface with hair spray! Do a light layer, and allow it to fully dry before putting up the art work.  

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