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Nail Polish Tips for a Perfect Manicure

Nail Polish Tips for a Perfect Manicure

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Painting your nails at home can be a way to relax and even save money compared to a trip to the salon! But, sometimes it can be a pain as it takes so long for your polish to dry! I don’t know about you, but I can always have one hand that looks amazing, and the other is harder to paint without making smudges. I have compiled of list of nail polish tips for a perfect manicure! 

These nail polish hacks will help you in creating the perfect manicure or even pedicure at home! Plus some of these are time savers, which is a win in my books! 

Nail Polish Hacks to Try Out Next Time You Paint Nails 

Base Coat 

This might take a little extra time but it is really worth it. By putting a base coat down, it allows your nail polish to stick better to the nail, and can make your manicure last a little longer! 

Thin Coats Vs. Heavy 

Apply 2-3 thin coats of polish instead of one heavy coat. It will help it dry and not have smudges and become gunky. If you have ever applied a heavy layer, it doesn’t always fully dry and can smudge very easy. Less is more with polish! 

Roll Bottle Don’t Shake

Shaking polish can create air bubbles and that can mess up a good manicure. Roll the bottle between your hands gently instead of shaking. 

Easily Remove Polish On Skin

Take an old makeup brush that is small and stiff bristled, lipstick brushes work great. Dip it into nail polish remover, and wipe away any polish that got on the skin! Can really give that salon quality look. 

Fix a Smudge 

If your nail is still wet you can fix a smudge. Wet your finger by licking it, and gently smooth the smudge with your finger. The saliva react to the polish and for some reason it just works! 

Ice Bath for Drying Nails

Take a bowl of cold water and add like 6 ice cubes. After you finished painting your nails, you will wait a minute and then dip your nails into the ice bath. Hold them in for a minute or two. This will help set the paint and dry them! It is a little chilly, so be prepared. 

Whiten Nails 

If you are wanting to whiten your nails, soak in this bath solution for a minute or two. Just take hot water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (do equal parts of each). Than pat dry, and repeat once a week. It will help brighten up your nails. 

Keep Polish Away from Heat and Sunlight

Keeping your polish in a cool dry place is key! If it gets to hot or sits in the sunlight it will start to break down the polish and it won’t work as well. 

Glitter Application

Take a beauty sponge for applying glitter. Just pour out some glitter nail polish, and than dab the beauty sponge into the polish. Then dab that onto your nail. It will make the polish look a lot fuller with glitter, vs applying it with the polish brush. You will need to clean up around your nail as it can be a little messy. 

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    • This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to do several thin coats of nail polish instead of one heavy one. I want to have my nails looking perfect for my sister’s wedding. Maybe it would be best to have a professional do them for me.

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