Steps for Transitioning From School to Summer Mode

Steps for Transitioning From School to Summer Mode

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Many schools are already out for summer break and others are coming to a close! Summer break can be a great time, but going from a structured day to play time all the time, can be a bit hard on children. I have shared some steps below for transitioning from school to summer mode as smoothly as possible! 

Some kids find leaving their classmates or teacher hard, it can create anxiety and stress. So trying to keep your summer fun and structured similar to school, can help your child. Plus when school is about to begin, they will have an easier transition back to school mode. 

5 Quick Tips for School Routine To Summer Mode 


This is a big one, your child is so used to a strict schedule at school, and enforcing a schedule at home can be helpful for you and your child. Make sure that they know in the mornings they have recreational activities, than after lunch, than a nap or quiet time, etc. Try and lay out a schedule so they understand even at home it isn’t lounging around or play time non-stop. You can always change up the schedule for different activities, but on most days have a schedule in place. 

Bucket List 

Each year it is fun for your child to create a bucket list. Have them list 5-10 things they want to do this summer, within reason. Maybe visit an amusement park, visit three different parks, painting party, have a sleepover, go to the movies, or any other fun activity. As the summer starts, you can start marking items off your child’s bucket list! It is a great way for them to look forward to fun events, and a great way to create memories! 

Learning Activities 

Kids can fall back in learning when they don’t maintain learning activities during the summer months. Try and do crafts or activities that have learning involved. Or each day have a 30 minute reading time, to help stimulate your child. Things like arts and crafts, gardening, visiting a zoo to learn about animals, or museum are all great. It doesn’t have to be write your name 15 times, just try to find activities where you can teach your child about something. Or give them a little spending money and head to a thrift store, and let them decide what to buy, and how much money it will take to pay for the item. 

Stay In Touch with Friends 

If you are close to any of your child’s friends, try and keep that relationship going! This is important so that when the next school year arrives your child feels like they still have a friend and can feel comfort on the first day back. Plus it is a great way for them to build a better relationship. Having friends can help with emotional health! 

Create Memories 

Even though you are keeping structure, make sure to create memories. Take pictures, share laughs, eat ice pops outside and make a mess! Just make sure to enjoy your children, as one day they will grow up and move out. Be spontaneous on occasion, go for a walk in the park, have an ice cream date, do whatever you want to spend time with your kids.