Should I Cut The Cable Cord

Should I Cut The Cable Cord

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Should I Cut The Cable Cord

Should I Cut The Cable Cord?

Cable is a big problem. Because of that, cable now has a big problem now. More and more people are “cutting the cord” when it comes to television watching from cable services. Too many people just cant seem to afford, or want to try to afford a cable bill that runs over 100 dollars a month. That and the service does not get any better, it simply adds more of the same channels by the dozens that you will never want to watch. Fortunately us that did do this, there are a few very nice alternatives. I want to say right off that you DO need internet service for these, so technically you are not completely “cutting” the cable cord, you are cutting your price down substantially.

The first example being one of the newest. The Xbox 360 gaming system offers free access to a huge host of apps, many being a regular broadcast or cable channel. Recently they added a “Watch ABC” app that lets you do just that. You might have to wait until the next day, or in some cases a week, but again your program will be there for you at no charge. It also seems like there apps are added regularly, so you never know when the other networks might join in.

A second alternative, is Netflix. This internet based service has been around since the later half of the 1990s and simply just gets better. They offer television and movies WITHOUT added commercials. This in particular is something the other services have failed to do. The selection is truly hard to beat when it comes to shows that have been on for at least one season and movies that have been released for a few months on disc. Some releases are really fast. I recently wanted to rent a film, only to find it available for free on my Netflix account. Their library constantly has new and interesting additions each month for you to stream. Really a great deal.

A third alternative is Hulu. This service is really much better when it comes to TV shows. The television shows are usually available just one day after air and while they do have advertising, it usually is no more than a minute or two. Sometimes they even give you the option of watching a five minute commercial just to have the rest of your program ad free! They do support many shows from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox to give you quite a selection. They also have many movies to chooses from too, and these are without commercials. However the selection is pretty poor when it comes to movies and Netflix outperforms them greatly in this area.

Whether you are soon considering joining the cable cord cutters of the world, or are just frustrated with your current cable service raising your costs every few months. You can rest assured, there are other ways to still be able to get great television entertainment at a fraction of the price.

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