Decorated and Flavored Pretzels For Kids

Decorated and Flavored Pretzels For Kids

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Pretzels are a nut free treat that kids just love! Therre are so many amazing ways to make them fun too! If you love everything related to pretzels, then you will fall in love with these super cute and super delicious decorated and flavored pretzels we found! It looks like an art form, but once you bite into it, you will love these bite-sized treats. Introduce these at any party, and your guests will enjoy these, especially if there are kids.

Decorated and Flavored Pretzels For Kids

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20 Pretzel Art Ideas For Kids

Pretzel Snowmen

The pretzel snowmen are super cute and are a fun winter snack for the kids. One can even get the kids involved in making these pretzel snowmen to make it more fun!

Get your recipe of Pretzel Snowmen here

Pretzel Buttons

If you are yearning for a different but tasty holiday snack and a kid-friendly recipe, then the pretzel buttons fit the bill. One needs three ingredients and only 5 minutes to prepare these cute looking treats.

Get your recipe of Pretzel Buttons here

Valentine’s Pretzel Treats

These super easy DIY Valentine’s Day Pretzel Treats are the perfect treat for your loved ones this season. It is homemade and gets ready in just a few minutes.

Get your recipe of Valentine’s Pretzel Treats here

Ladybug Pretzels

The ladybug pretzels are a real hit among the kids as they are very easy to prepare, and looks cute. The preparation time is only a few minutes to prepare and can be served in picnics and birthday parties.

Get your recipe of Ladybug Pretzels here

Smiley Face Pretzels

It is one of those DIY pretzel recipes wherein you can involve even your kids. It is very simple to make and make great snacks. These can be served at any kids’ party.

Get Smiley Face Pretzels here

Butterfly Pretzels

The butterfly pretzels are not only a great treat, but a fun project that aims to bring out the creativity in the kids. It is so easy that even the kids can do it without adult supervision.

Get your recipe of Butterfly Pretzels here

Owl Pretzels

The very easy to make chocolate covered owl-shaped pretzels are perfect for Halloween, baby shower, or any kids party. The owl pretzel dipped in chocolate is a beautiful concept, and very popular among kids.

Get your recipe of Owl Pretzels here

Pretzel Dragonfly

You will never need a net to catch these cute looking dragonflies. They are so delicious that it will disappear fast from your table. You can make these treats during weekends as a surprise for your family members.

Get your recipe of Pretzel Dragonfly here

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

If you are thinking of celebrating St Patrick’s Day with your friends and families, then do try these shamrock pretzel pops. These candy-coated pretzel pops are green in color and are liked by all as they do not make a mess.

Get your recipe of Shamrock Pretzel Pops here

M&M Pretzel Buttons

If you prefer no-mess and comfortable birthday parties, then you can arrange for M&M Pretzel Buttons on the table. They look adorable, and you need three ingredients to make them.

Get your recipe of M&M Pretzel Buttons here

Patriotic Dipped Pretzels

It is an easy recipe for the 4th of July wherein the kids can lend a helping hand too. With the sprinkles, the pretzels look good and taste fantastic too!

Get your recipe of Patriotic Dipped Pretzels here

Valentine’s Day Pretzel Rods

You can make your Valentine’s Day special with these super easy and delicious homemade pretzel rods. Just a few ingredients and your last-minute sweet treat are ready.

Get your recipe of Valentine’s Day Pretzel Rods here

Reindeer Rolo Pretzels

These Rolo pretzel treats are very to make and have only four ingredients. It can be made in 15 min and looks very cute. The reindeer face-shaped pretzels are unique, and perfect during Christmas time.

Get your recipe of Reindeer Rolo Pretzels here

Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Halloween

This recipe needs a little bit of warning at the outset. If you are making this treat with the kids, then they will probably eat half of all the ingredients before you make them! Kids love the chocolate covered pretzels during Halloween.

Get your recipe of Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Halloween here

Snowflake Pretzels

The snowflake pretzels have a unique salt and sweet taste, and they look beautiful on the dining table too. You can make these around Christmas as a treat for the kids.

Get your recipe of Snowflake Pretzels here

Snowman Pretzels

The snowman pretzels are adorable and very easy to make, and the children will love these as a winter treat.

Get your recipe of Snowman Pretzels here

Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats

The Easter bunny pretzel treats are bite-sized and take less than 15 min to make. They are yummy, and the kids would love it.

Get your recipe of Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats here

Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pretzels

The shamrock pretzels do not take much time to make, and you can get the kids to help you with the recipe. Never forget to include these in your St Patrick’s Day food buffet.

Get your recipe of Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pretzels here

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bats

The chocolate covered pretzel bats are very easy to make and a perfect treat for Halloween. These ‘bats’ look cute when you have made them, and tastes great when you put them in the mouth.

Get your recipe of Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bats here

Shamrock Snacks

Are you planning a party on St Patrick’s Day? Do include the shamrock snacks on the food buffet as they are easy to make, and looks great with its green color.

Get your recipe of Shamrock Snacks here.

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