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The Best Ways to Save Money On Clothes

The Best Ways to Save Money On Clothes

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Save money on clothes? When it’s time to buy clothes, there are many options besides the upscale clothing stores. Save money by keeping several options in mind for clothes shopping.

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With the state of the economy, more people than ever are making an effort to be frugal. One of the biggest variables in a person’s budget is clothing, especially if there are growing children in the household. By trying a few new ideas, one can get trendy, quality clothes while saving money.

The Best Ways to Save Money On Clothes

It is more about knowing where to shop, it is also about knowing what you need to shop for.

Save Money on Clothes: Make a List

Make a list of what you need and how much you’re willing to spend on each item. Just like when you go to the grocery store, making a list helps you stick to your budget.

Little items so easily find their way into your bag when you shop without a list. Adding the amount you’re willing to spend gives you a reality check when you’re ready to buy. It forces you to evaluate the logic of your purchase.

Buy Used Clothes

While some are extremely reluctant to try such a thing, one may be pleasantly surprised. Thrift and consignment stores have gently used and sometimes brand new clothing with tags still on for up to 90% off the original price.

I like to call this Save and splurge. This is particularly effective when you’re shopping with brand-conscious teenagers. You can purchase a few name-brand items that will be seen by their peers and then buy store-brand items to cover the rest of their bodies. For example, a Hollister t-shirt and Target jeans.

Hit the resale shops and consignment stores. There are some truly wonderful resale shops around the country. In fact, the people who brought Once Upon a Child to the mainstream also opened a store dedicated to teens called Pandora’s Closet.

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These stores sell brand name items only and they must be in good shape. You can take your brand-conscious teenager there and help them fit in with their peers while also meeting family budget needs.

Many have bonus discounts on certain days of the week. Check out rummage sales in upscale neighborhoods for great bargains too. Think of it as a treasure hunt!

Shop End-of-Season Sales

When stores are about to make room for the new season’s clothes, they drastically reduce the prices of the clothing they need to move out. Keep an eye out for particular items which are costly, like winter boots and coats. Also, stock-up on things you can always use, like socks, underwear, and t-shirts.

Save Money On Clothes: Shop post-holiday or season. You can save money, for example on back-to-school clothing, if you shop in October. You can save money on swimsuits when you shop for them in June. The store seasons generally start about a month or two before people actually need to wear the clothing.

Ever wonder why they’re selling swimsuits in February? Save your shopping for after the season or holiday rush. Buy kids’ snow boots a size bigger in June for the next season. You’ll save a bundle!

Try to buy classic styles so that the item won’t look out of date when it is used next year.

Look for coupons, cards, and discounts before you buy. Many stores now offer loyalty programs. Each month they’ll mail or email their current promotion. If you know you’re going to be shopping at those stores, save the coupon or promotion code and shop during the specified days.

Additionally, before you hit the mall, do a quick online search for any ongoing promotions or coupons. There are many websites devoted to aggregating promotion codes and other membership sites with local money-saving opportunities or group shopping opportunities. These can be a great way to save money.

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Save Money On Clothes: Don’t forget the discount stores and outlet malls. You can save a bundle by shopping at outlet stores and discount stores like TJ Maxx. Yes, it can take a bit of time to wade through all the racks of clothing; however, when you save a few hundred dollars it’s probably worth the effort.

Clothes Shopping Online

Stores like Lands End and JC Penney have outlet sections on their website where they sell high-quality clothes at a fraction of the original price. Most brick and mortar stores also have an online store, so check a favorite store’s website for clearance deals. The prices can vary quite a bit from the actual store.

Look In the Closet

Many people can find new purpose in the clothes they already have in their closet without ever having to pull out their wallets.

Get creative! An older item can be renewed by changing buttons, applying patches, and other decorative touches. Visit a local craft store for inspiration.
Host a closet swap. Invite several friends or families to get together and bring the almost-new clothing items that they don’t want or need. Many people will find a treasure by shopping in a friend’s closet and never spend a dime.
Follow care instructions. Garments will last much longer when they are washed and dried according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Save Money On Clothes: Be Practical

Many people shop with their hearts instead of thinking through their purchases. A person falls in love with a certain shirt but gets it home and realizes she doesn’t have any pants, skirt, or shoes that go with it. Shoppers should mentally go through their closets before purchasing an item to make sure they have several items that go together with the new item before purchasing it.

Avoid Credit Pitfalls

When clothes shopping, it’s convenient to pull out a credit card to cover new purchases. However, if a person does not pay off that credit card each month, he will be charged additional interest on the item he is buying, making it much more than the original price tag. In the long run, he will be paying too much for the item and possibly still be paying for it after he no longer owns it.

For many, clothes shopping is a fun experience. Many people even regard it as a hobby. If consumers can keep in mind several of these suggestions when they find themselves in need of clothing, they will save money while they shop.

Clothes shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little shopping savvy, a strategy, and a bit of patience and planning, you can get way more for your money.

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