Save $200 Per Year With This One Tip

Save $200 Per Year With This One Tip

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If you are like most people, you could handle adding a little extra to our budget.  Saving money can be easy sometimes if you just put in a little extra effort. This one tip can help your family to save an extra $200 every year.

What’s this one tip we are talking about, you ask?  Well, if you carry “extras” such as phone, TV and internet, etc. sometimes it’s as easy as asking.

Clear a couple of hours of free time for yourself and prepare to make a phone call or two  (or three or four, depending on how many of these “extras” you have).

Find the customer service number for your phone company and once you reach a representative, explain to them that you enjoy the service that they provide, but you are looking to save money and would like to know if they have any offers available to you.  Oftentimes, you will find that they have specials running that you do, in fact, qualify for.

Cable and Satellite companies

Oftentimes, these specials will be a free channel or channel package for a specific amount of time.  This won’t save you money of course, but it will allow you some extra benefits without spending extra.  Sometimes though, you will be surprised to hear that you qualify for a price drop of $10-$20 a month (these drops typically last 6 months or a year).

Say you are able to save $20 per month.  That is $240 per year put back into your family’s pocket!

Internet Companies

Internet companies often offer specials to their customers old and new.  Just ask your customer service representative about any specials that they are currently offering for their current customers and see what you are offered.  I have found each time I make this call that I save an average of $12 to $15 per month with this tactic.  That is another $180 per year in your pocket.

Cell Phone Companies

Regardless of who your cell phone provider is, making this call is likely to lead you to savings.  Most of these companies are fighting to keep their customers and will often give you a discount on your monthly bill.  (This is likely not true for pre-paid or pay as you go plans)

If you aren’t having any luck with the customer service departments, one last option is to ask them to speak to the customer retention department. This department is designed to keep customers at their company and they are often likely to have more authority to offer different deals and deeper discounts.

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